The life long friend we’ll never be without: Change


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Change will forever be a constant in life without question. It’s our teacher, our enemy, our nightmare, our salvation, our dreams and above all, the life long friend whom which we have a love-hate relationship with when we’re experiencing uncomfortable situations or good ones.

I myself am learning with a new form of change in life and it’s been weird also kinda rough, mentally. Starting a new position as a kitchen supervisor (learning all the ins and outs on the spot), learning more about how much being on survival mode truly affects the psyche, slowly learning and wanting to enjoy things, GENUINELY, again; along with a lot more.

Primarily learning to be patient with myself and steadily accepting new learning curbs. We cease to learn anyway, since we’re always learning something new each day.

I’ve started to actually let myself experience these new changes, alongside the difficulties it brings, even though it feels like complete insanity with sanity, but I’ve actually been able to steadily set aimed goals I’d like to accomplish for myself that I’d like to do. And I will. Gotta give affirmation there one way or another out into the universe. Spoken words after-all or written always hold a strong sense of it’s own magic.

So dear change,
let’s see what life brings.

Time to knock out on my end, it’s been good getting back to writing. It’s been too long, definitely learned a lesson there over the years. Let all the shit out!
Oh yea! If you’re ever feeling a little too stressed out or overloaded and can’t calm yourself as easily anymore, I’ve found that Ashwaganda is a great a adaptogenic herb that’s been used in the Ayurvedic traditional medicine practice of India. The root is actually used in the aid of wellness, and mental stability. **it makes for a great tea! 🍡

As a cook, I like to learn a lot about a multitude of beneficial nutrition and T.C.M (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and using food not only as a form of art, but also as a way of healing through food. After all food is medicine. πŸ”ͺ

Tons of love bites-