Late Night Thoughts


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I’ll say this now.
You don’t really know yourself until you’ve stayed up till 4 or done an all nighter- which I’ve done MANY!

My all nighters consist of some weird thinking, gaming, drawing, watching movies, anime, or YouTube, Netflix or being a creeper to my cat. I stare at her while she sleeps if I can’t sleep. Hey, you try finding ways to knock the fuck out and tell me how successful you get when nothing does it for you anymore, except for sleeping cat or pupper/doggo; w.e.
You get my drift.
So don’t be judging with those squinty eyes. Yea, don’t think I don’t know about that.

Alright, seriously though, tonights thought/topic is actually about this VERY eccentric blog of mine that doesn’t seem to ever know WTF is gonna happen or show off on its ‘wall of posts’- as I like to call it.
Little history lesson about this blog of mine:
It was actually a class project my Creative Writing teacher had us make back in high school. I never gave the whole “blog gig” much thought tbh, since it was just a “post poem/assignment you’ve written, here..” type thing.
However, don’t get me wrong; I did (still do) enjoy the process of laying out my thoughts and seeing others respond with “same here lmao” or “I love this poem, it’s like magic” or other nice comments or even questions, etc. It’s pretty neat knowing there were other people on the interwebs that thought sorta the same.

However, I did make a HUGE 360 from being strictly poems and creative writing, to personal blog/cathartic outlet and ways to share my creative side. Before Instagram came out ya know. Yea, been around the webs for a WHILES! xP

So seeing the major changes and such, like, shit. I sit here looking at my old posts and I’m just like “What the FUCK was I doing and thinking at the time?!” Like wow, do I look back and just start laughing at it. ROFL
But ya know something, those were also the best years writing. Mostly cause I wrote for me.
Most of them are laughable, ngl, but I honestly love it. And the way I write now too.
It helps to see that growth too. Shows where you changed and how. Not to mention your way of thinking. Now THAT right there, has remained the same, but only adapted and grown. Cause I’m always going to be me in every sense of the word. Just wiser.  ;P

So, what about direction? Like I said, I never planned for it to turn out the way it did- let alone become a blog. One thing I REALLY didn’t EVER think about was the direction for this blog of mine. Until now. Well, officially speaking that it.

It’s definitely a place to share my creativity. Wild, late night thoughts. Venting. Opinions/whatnot. Perhaps even giving advice. One thing is certain, it is ME.
For those who’ve stuck around all these years, tbh, thank you! Didn’t expect it, nor really thought anyone would, but surprise, surprise. I appreciate that, especially since I mostly have and always posted about my crafts or art work here in the beginning- not to mention the casual cat photos hehe.

Gonna call it a night though. I got nothing more to say and tbh, I’m fucking exhausted and stressed OUT!
Oh btw, “audience” MIGHT change. Keeping it PG13 atm – as how WP rates it, but might change that setting on some posts. Maybe. Not gonna make any promises.

Don’t let the bed bats bite, much and good night.