Forever in Your Head


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Slipping through the cracks again,

Losing grip, bit by bit.

Pulling me under my skin,

I hear your voice, taking pleasureΒ in the pain..

The water level grows, the hands of doubt grab hold pulling me under, but something else grabs hold of my hand. Keeping my head above the water, enough to breathe.

A constant tug of war.

I’ve become both; the cat and mouse in my own mind.

An argument, similar to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

“Who gets to share the body this time?”

Attempting to recreate an image from the broken pieces.

Careful not to cut yourself on the shards that were added by those that did not belong..

Memories have become the lessons learned.
You can run, but never hide.

So don’t tell no lies.
You can’t avoid it. I am forever in your head.