Who Is Izcentric?

What is an ‘Izcentric’? More like who, and ‘Izcentric’ is eccentric with a creative mind and name to match. Not to mention that I have my hand in every art form practically. 🙂

What I do

More like what DON’T I do. I’m an aspiring Alternative Model, an artist/painter, blogger, creative nut, apprentice chef, a model for Darkest Goth Online Magazine, and a photographer when not in front of the computer or behind the kitchen or lens of a camera.

I thoroughly enjoying home crafts such as making my own soaps, oils, scrubs; anything within the realms of skin care using natural products; growing herb gardens; making jewelry or artistic creations out of tiny bones; attending conventions; travel, spontaneously planned events- yeah I’m one of those, but don’t worry, I may be crazy and do things in a huge unpredictable manner, but I plan things out and think ahead before everything is set in stone that way we have nothing going south. I’m not THAT crazy. There is logic to my madness.

Currently, due to my busy schedule, where most of my time is dedicated to work; my modeling has taken a bit of solo direction. So I’ve not had the opportunity to really shoot most of what I’d like with people whom I’ve worked with in previous shoots. However, despite that; I’ve learned a lot and what better practice is there than when you focus more on your work, yourself?!

With luck, sometime soon, I will seek the time to upload some of my self shoots and other forms of artwork.

Fun facts:

*I run a small online shop where I sell my art work, work on commission pieces, and items from my closet that I do not use or need anymore – still in good condition mind you.
*I model
*I try to accomplish too much
*I’m a perv, but who isn’t. ;p
*I’m a bit of health nut o,.,O
*I upload makeup tutorials when I remember to. xD
*I have a lousy sense of humor, am sarcastic haha xD
*I must be more strict on myself and workout more or that means more back pain. x,.,x
*I rarely make promises, I am not good at that. 😦

What to expect:

A jack of all trades practically, so expect ANYTHING! Literally. I hold nothing back in my writings or art work.

Any questions, just ask.

Tons of Love Bites,



39 thoughts on “Who Is Izcentric?”

  1. just noticed that your birthday was just a few days ago. lateness be damned, euphoric recent youtime Izzy 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday. Or as my mother would say, “Epi Burdei!” 🙂

  3. Jasmine M. said:

    I absolutely LOVE your blog! Keep being awesome! ❤

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