I’m surprised this was finally addressed.

It’s sadly an inevitable truth. I cannot mention the amount of times I see/hear people mention this term of “relationship goals” when they see all these pretty images of a social media relationship. Yet, no one seems to ponder on what goes on in a relationship as an entirety. You have the beautiful parts that EVERYONE will ALWAYS show (this is, without a doubt, forever a truth); then you have ugly parts. The parts where reality kicks in and has you realise that there’s a lot more to it than making it look pretty and everyday smiles and what not.

People have begun to live a falsified lifestyle in their minds already of a relationship before it ever began and have a set “goal” on every relationship they have or will form.
Reality does not work that way; AT ALL. In fact, setting yourself up for something, that can have similar events, but have or/does encourage and requires a lot of work/time/effort in the long run; is not a wise decision.

You’ll only create an illusion and later become disappointed when it’s not “picture perfect” 24/7.

Happiness works hand in hand with both the positives and negatives in odd ways, but it’s how and what you learn from it, that then, something matures and what not.
But this little fantasy of a picture perfect relationship, that you see on social media with “relationship goals” tagged onto it in the comments by desperate people who crave it, ignorant to the bad or by people who throw that phrase around loosely is really a picture perfect MOMENT! There’s a bloody difference!