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Yea, yea.. I know.

I’m not the best at keeping up with my blog or updating anything. When life has you tied up in a twisted, none elegant form of Shibari, you’re stuck keeping up with what you can stretch over and reach..

I think I have two years worth of updates. Luckily majority of it all is photos, and I remember things really well, so I’m steadily getting things pieced together and organized so that I can upload all these things I’ve taken photos of.

Currently been in Miami now for 12 days, ugh… Just as much a headache as ever, but gotta make the green to make the scene and get things moving along so that I can FINALLY finish a few important projects- well, a few from MANY important projects.

My trip to Oregon was awesome and also, the first time I can honestly say where I had a difficult time getting my mind to shut up and sorta calm down. I’ve never felt or been in a place as calm or relaxed as where I was with two wonderful people I was so happy to finally see.

It was cold, but I love the cold so it didn’t bother me. I didn’t take as many photos as I’d like since my phone is a piece of shit of a camera and my bulky camera was not gonna tag along for the ride, so I took VERY little photos. Hopefully, on my next trip, I can take more photos and calm down my mind more.

Shit, I gotta update a lot from my trip in Germany too.. GAH!! So much to write about. I’m getting to it though.

Anyway, besides having a lot of posting/updating/uploading/writing to do; I’ve also been busy with work. It’s pretty neat working with authentic items that come from different countries and are beautifully, hand-made, items.

What’s killer and mayhem, is organizing the damn store and all it contains! My body hates me so much right now! Dx

Currently working on a few tiny projects with tiny bones. More on that story in my Oregon post.

But I’m getting things ready for some new store items and ideas that I’d like to try out again. Revisiting them with some new-found knowledge, will be exciting. Gotta check out the prices on resin too.

Not sure how that’ll turn out, since I’m a newbie to the ways of resin castings and mold, etc. I’ll figure it out, though. πŸ˜‰

Reading an oldie, but a goody. The book is titled “Wolfs Moon,” written by Charles de Lint. If you’re into Lycanthrops/Shapechangers/Wolves, magic, trickery, fantastical creatures with a dark background and demons, then I’d recommend the book to ya! Then again, I’d recommend it either way.

What I enjoy about Charles de Lint in his stories, besides his writing style, is his use of an extensive vocabulary and if you’re interested in learning new and intriguing words to expand your OWN vocabulary, I’d recommend his books among a few other fine authors.

Recreational reading is a good thing.

Taking ibuprofen and watching some paranormal shows before hitting the pillows..

So sore. My eyes are about to close shut from the irritating bright lights- despite them being dimmed down to its full capacity.

Leaving you guys with some music- as always.

Arise-X- Nekromanie