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And so we begin with a must in every Goth girls wardrobe!

Upside down? Haha. No, but I simply love these lovely Gothic stockings. Had my fun with talking a cat nap, walking around with my beloved sister Jess and a new friend, and onto the last thing on the list… study for that Philosophy Exam and Review! But I did have a lot of fun singing to “Escape” the Pina Colada Song with my mommy on my ride home. hahaha. Ah, yes, fun time.

But who said gothic stockings couldn’t be a part of the whole event. I know I didn’t. ^,.,^


-Yeah, yeah bring out the books you crazed nut and start studying!- o,.,o I am no nut, a bit batty, but no nut at that. I simply would rather have my fun while completing my goals to achieve the highest top priority with a wonderful result! Besides, having a little fun never hurt anyone, oh no wait, skateboarding when it’s just finished raining did to me… Ouch.. alright, never mind, having a little too much uncontrolable fun can hurt; a lot. *Rubs back of head*

Anywho, I have a lot to study and then hopefully a little free time to sneak in some sort of break and then it’s back off to studying.

And now we end with stockings.

Tons of Love Bites,