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It’s finally March 14 and I’ve been on edge since! Not about the doctors, well a tad, but about my philosophy short essay exam. And so, I off to college with a positive note but a nerve racking heart beat that could wake the dead. I have to quite loosing my cool over easy tests and any sort of exams.

So, I made just in time to my professors office, she gave me my exam and showed my the way to an empty meeting from and wished me good look and I was off and writing in no time. First short essay was on Peter Singer’s argument of how people of affluent nations react to matters such as world hunger is unjustified and about his claims of having a obligation to this matter by trying to prevent it, but not to the point that it cause comparably bad outcomes, and the numbers and difference in distance between the individuals along with whether or not you are in agreement with his claims. I’d say I did beautifully with that one! ^,.,^

But as for the second essay, what with discussing the agh intents of Anderson and Blankenhorn’s argument against the “New Father” model; and saying which is most plausible and why; I’d say I did fair on that one. Those two are quite confusing.

Anywho, as soon as I was gone, I was off to the doctors at 3:45 in the afternoon and got nothing but a clean bill of health and great news on how I’m doing! Immune system is still building its self up. Damnit! It’s taking forever! T,.,T Worst of all is that all my siblings are I’ll and I can’t afford to catch a cold because it will only land back to where I started, I’ll and in the hospital! I,.,O

I don’t want to go back there, I’d go mad! Well, not that I’m not already batty, but come on! Give the Goth girl a break! *puts on medical mask and gloves and biohazard suite*

I’m not taking any chances here!

Tons of Love Bites,