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It’s been a while since I’ve heard, let alone read, ANYTHING in today’s media, addicted world; that made as much sense and makes you really put your brain to work; such as this.

Granted, not everyone is exactly like what he describes a Millennial to be; however, there’s one thing he mentions that is a part of EVERYONE in this day and age…and we are either to ignorant to admit it or simply too embarrassed and too proud to say it.
We have become a society that is fully enthralled by the results of “Instant Gratification” and “Our Media Lives.”
No longer can most people, at least, from what I’ve seen and experienced; go a day, no, correction, a minute(!) without looking at ours phones for whatever “reason” we have or may THINK we MIGHT have.

“Oh I’m just checking my facebook/instagram/pinterest/blog/youtube/twitter/Myspace(if you grew up with that)..” The list goes on!
Now, not everyone has a fascination with how many people like their posts or face or WHATEVER you can imagine, but the majority.. sadly do.

Take it from somebody who has an Instagram. A Facebook. A blog. A Youtube. Pinterest. SnapChat. Online Shop.
What are my uses for these social media accounts?
In detail, Instagram, as how I see it and TREAT IT, it is a photo-blog. With and let me check.. 257 Followers. Now then. Would it kill me is I see numbers begin to fall. No. To be brutally honest, not one bit. I post the photos and express a thought or two and done. However, it is not for the reason to gain attention. More like, to share my art work- in food, paper, paint, makeup, and my travels and things I like.
Sure, we all like it when we see somebody else liking our photos, who doesn’t, but that is not my reason for having it.
Onto the next few.
Facebook. Was made by someone whom I’m happy to have known and am ECSTATIC to not be in contact with. Now I just use it for rants, sharing photos of things and stuff I like, food, art, my travels and the occasional nonsensical posts that spew from very mind onto my finger tips through a keyboard onto a solid liquid filled with wires and shiny parts.
My blog, my catharsis through writing whatever the hell I feel like sharing. Mostly consisting of travels, many thoughts, and rants. haha
Youtube, dedicated solely to liking videos that catch my attention and perhaps 8 uploaded videos of my lame ass sharing with you guys some art work I do on my face when bored.
Pinterest? HA! I’VE YET TO FIGURE OUT THE LOUSY THING. Barely use it. If at most, for travel needs.
SnapChat I can look even weirder and make odd faces with things.
My online shop? A project on which I’m working on and hope to continue and make it bloom with many ideas.

Now then.. Most common thing in this? To share what I like, what I experience, my thoughts and not give a damn if someone has liked it, sent me friend requests, removed themselves from my “friends list”, sent me messages, etc.

Now, the sad part, if you ask most people today, how many followers do they have? How many likes does that post have? Did your photo get *blank* amount of likes? Are you the center of attention right now? ARE YOU THE CURRENT F-ING TREND? haha
Most people with that, will instantly begin to wonder, answer, and shiver in their clothes thinking about what others are thinking about them.
“I don’t understand why they didn’t like my photo!?”

And for immediate gratification, if you didn’t you surprise or gift or whatever, the following day and had to wait for a show, or a movie etc.. That’s ok. Because nowhere does life expedite its self for your own pleasures!
Sadly, it sorta does now, what with all these great sites that offer shows days or weeks and years, even, in advance, but.. what’s the fun in that?

What happened to conversations? What happened to trying to figure how something really works or how to really survive without your god damn phone being at your side 24/7!?

Yes, we have people that reach out to us, but every, fucking minute!? NO!
Unless there’s perhaps and emergency or news about whatever you asked to be informed about… blah. blah. the list can go on, however, since when did the people you are sitting with, eating or chatting or hanging out with, mattered less and the stranger on the other side of the world mattered more all for a lousy message, saying “I like your photo! ;)”

Granted, we are all guilty of this, but it’s not hard to put down that little contraption that is going home with you, at the end of the night!

Everything in MODERATION! That is the secret!

Sadly, we also forgot how to be human..