It’s been almost a month since my last breakdown. It was beginning to feel nice; the sensation of feeling ‘like new’. Well, to myself at least.

However, I guess today had to feel like old.. I hate it when I get those sad feelings out of the blue. It really takes a lot out of me. No wonder I feel so useless to myself..

Despite this being one of those nights for me, I would like to actually bring SOME ounce of good news to you guys from my end for once! ^,.,^

Do you all remember that painting I made? Well, it will be finished officially THIS WEEK and is to be sold this very week! I’m so happy to have sold my largest piece!

I’ve sold art work of mine before at conventions, but that was around ’08-’09. Early years of con-going. I’ve considered the thought of doing this again, only I do not have a car, so first step is completing the small stuff THEN tackle the bigger projects.

Although, this is also a project in itself, for my art work is ALSO sold online through my online shop. I’ve been taking my time re-opening it. For many reasons, few of which pertained to creating things to have ready to sell of course.

Now with the time I have on hand, I hope I’ll get to tackle this. And some school again. I’d like to learn some new techniques so that I may apply it to my own style of art. Yet, sometimes I get the feeling it’s no longer for me- school that is..

It’s a daily struggle, but I’m trying.