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It’s a liberating thought for me to know that eventually you will have grown and attempt to develop strength to stand for yourself, what’s right versus what’s wrong and for your morals and opinions.

Yet, what saddens me is knowing how for silly reasons there will always be someone who will feel offended by your “acting out” and “disrespect” towards their own behavior of some personally inflicted wound to the ego..

I understand, to be respectful towards your elders/parents/people/etc; everyone in general, but it pains me to see someone become so strongly offended when there was nothing wrong done!


Person A decides to help Person B with something they’ve never done before. Both work together without a fuss, perhaps a few exchange of silly tantrums, but that’s okay and they resume working.

When both Person A and Person B are finished. Person B begins to complain saying how Person C is upset and complaining aloud and asking “why did Person A help you?” “This was your job to do. Not Person A’s..etc..”

Person A understands that, but Person B has NEVER done what he did today before; consistently nor on a regular basis. So Person B is told by Person A, that Person A will pitch in and help.

There shouldn’t be anything wrong with this, since Person A is also there to make sure Person B does not do something wrong the Person C does not like and so that Person B can avoid getting into trouble with Person C over something he’s just started for the first time.

Person B is lazy, young, extremely depressed and quiet. Person C is also lazy, much, much older, but tries at what he does, but struggles greatly due to having anger issues, depression, and an extreme lack of patience and other personal issues. Person A is simply neutral, extremely depressed, but attempts to try and look at things through everyone’s perspective.

Person A understands Person B and Person C’s frustration, but Person B is never treated right verbally by Person C, so that makes Person B think less of himself.. and Person C thinks he’s right all the time, MUST have the last word and considers everything he says to be right even when he’s wrong. Sadly, Person C does not see the errors of his actions and reactions and so assumes everyone is against him..

With the little background, back into continuation; Person A walks inside, telling Person B “that it’s ok. I suggested to help and said I would. There’s nothing wrong with helping.” Person B follows behind and once inside, Person C asks if they’ve finished. Person A responds with a yes. Person C then says “that was Person B’s job by the way.”

Person A says “that’s ok, but I helped Person B. It’s ok to help others. Especially when they do not know what they’re doing.”

Person C becomes upset. Saying Person B doesn’t do anything, doesn’t know how to do anything because Person B chooses to do nothing, etc..

Person A explains that is why Person A decided to help. To teach Person B how it’s done and made sure it was done right..

Person C is not content with that and considers it disrespect to speak against that and to talk back.

Cutting it short, Person C and A get into an argument where Person C begins to threaten Person A simply because of what Person A said..



I’m just curious, is it wrong to say what Person A did..? Despite it being spoken out? It’s also ok for Person A to do that, last I checked; however it is NOT ok for Person C to threaten Person A for something so silly with serious threats that can change everything in just a blink of an eye.

It saddens me, because this was my situation..

Because apparently, saying what’s on my mind and not staying shut up about it and letting someone say things they shouldn’t is better than saying “no, you’re wrong.”

I’m just really frustrated about it.. Why allow something like that to continue to escalate and not even give the person a chance to speak nor listen to them? Why must a person yell, when the other person is simply talking in an indoor voice indoors? Why threaten with things that are inevitable, but use it as a source of fear towards someone who’s expecting it? Why belittle someone, why make someone who thinks less of themselves already, think even more poorly about themselves?

Why? Why not stay quiet and listen, to then realize such a method does nothing, but create a lot of problems..?

Pity.. Sucks to know how blind people can really be..

It’s been an ongoing problem for years, but when reaching your roots end, you begin to contemplate if staying in such a place is even worth it anymore.. Especially when all it contains is pain and depression..

I understand people have bad days and they have good days and days in-between. However, to live it constantly in a consistent manner… becomes tiring. To be told to shut up, when you are not saying anything foul, no profanity; you are simply saying why this is wrong, what you are doing wrong and why you are wrong… It’s… It’s just a loss for words at the moment because why would you treat someone like that? Especially when that person doesn’t do anything to offend you or make you feel less of yourself? When that person minds their own business practically all the time, except for when there is something being done wrong in front of them!

Why must someone behave that way? Is there something wrong with saying that something is wrong? Standing up for someone who can’t stand up for themselves? Why? I understand people differ from each other greatly, yet contain similarity to certain extents, and it is limited of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to continue behaving in such a manner..