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So I just completed my first, largest painting and hope to sell it soon, but I am missing a finishing medium that will keep the paint in good condition. 

If it doesn’t sell, that’s fine. I’ll treasure my art work as always. However, if that isn’t the case, I can’t go by the assumption that someone will put it behind a glass case. 

This painting has two paint mediums on its surface. Acrylic and Water color. However, knowing that not ever finishing medium is for every paint, I’m curious on what others have used or done in similar situations. 

I’ve seen and read on some finaihing mediums that won’t mess with the paint and a few techniques using dry wax, cannot remember the specific kind though. 

Despite that, please, if any of you are willing to share any bits of advice on this or tips, I’d be more than greatful. šŸ™‚

I have typically left majority ofor my paintings as iI wwen finished, but I’d like to know a way of preserving it a little bit more.