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Packing (luggage wise) is just about finished. Although, there is the occasional, going back and forth, with putting things in and taking stuff out. Decisions, decisions..

Luckily, having a backpack will come in handy for I know I WILL NOT be able to go a day with out doodling/sketching/writing/etc.
Having run into a bit of a dilemma with trying to find the usb cord to my ipod, however, I’ve learned not to rely on that too much, since I seem to lose those cords far too easily. Luckily enough, I still have my CD player on hand so that may just be my source of music entertainment.. Yes, I still have my trusty CD player. Those things are tough little contraptions and have never failed me! All it is, is a tad more of “baggage” cause of the CD case.
Not sure how many of you guys grew up with them. Perhaps a few of you have, but I won’t hold my breath to it.

Unlike you guys with you fancy ipod technology that has only come out in the 2000’s; I grew up relying on a radio, satelite radio, CD players and Tapes or Tape Recorders. Ah yes, having grown up in the early 90’s was wonderful! Perhaps a tad in the “middles ages” to most people today when they see those handy items, but let me tell you something!
Those awesome tools that provided a source of music and other uses, were great! Not to mention, they could hanlde many, many falls to the ground and hard bangs. I know. Believe me; after falling asleep many a times with my CD player as a kid, to only find the damn thing on the floor and to have it working perfectly like new as if nothing happened was AMAZING!!
Unlike the eversodelicate iPods and other such new gadgets that have come out that require only a file in cyberspace, which breaks into millions of pieces once it hits the bloody floor. 😛

Getting back on track, if I cannot find that bloody cord, the CD player with travel with me around the world to Germany!! Woohooo!! ^,.,^

Ah what a dream it is to imagine my inner 90’s child enjoying all the bands I love now, while traveling in my 22 year old body to Europe. If only it were Japan. Now that would be a real trip and one that would last more than one lousy week. Which, by the way, I am quite saddened to know I will only enjoy Germany for one week only. 😦 But it’s better than nothing. :3

I’m going to have a hard time resisting many things. O,.,O
Some resistance Izcentric. Resist the urge of shopping! >,.,>
*attempting desperately*

Izcentric, signing off for now.