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To acknowledge what was done wrong in the heat of the moment (or any) for that matter, and learn from that mistake to then summon the courage, acceptance of your wrongdoing, and strength to apologise for whatever was done or said.

To keep a grudge.. Or ponder at the situation that past and keep going at it hours after?… To do that, means you acknowledge not one wrongdoing done by yourself, take it in too far and see it as a stab to the heart/pride/ego..
We all perceive every detail/conversation/thought/spoken word/movement/ANYTHING, we’ve ever done in many ways that set us apart from everyone.
However, that doesn’t mean it is safe to immediately assume an ounce of any situation. No matter the position/side you’re in.

Life is not meant to be lived as a recycling system of old or recent negative events. To be pessimistic will only hinder you and others to do what they’re capable of, if not more that has yet to be witnessed.
Not to mention you only drag those around you, deeper into a plummeting world of distress/sadness..
Nor is it healthy for you personally. For YOU or SOMEONE you know personally…

It’s sad and frustrating to have little spats that can lead to serious arguments that weren’t meant for. We easily forget things and say what we do not mean.. but to come to the conclusion and understanding about what was done and said being wrong and apologize shows growth. It shows understanding, that you know you did wrong, but you’re willing to fix it or make amends.