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Thinking a lot..

Trying to save up and not worry too much over it, but my head is against me as usual.

So far, things are okay. Not great, but they’re alright. Working my ass off pays off, but it’s also time for change and a new place of employment is needed.

Starting to get things back in gear and back on track, but it’s definitely one HUGE step at a time, but it’s happening at the very least.

In other news of update, I’ve changed my “gofundme” from aid for school financially, to help out my parents with the house and the financial struggles they’ve endured for so long. Hopefully something good comes from it and helps them out. As for me, I’m thinking a lot about some major decisions I will be making in the near future and one involves a VERY frightening decision that not only affects me greatly, but my budget and savings and my cat.

Wish me luck..