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I’ve seen it written, heard it many a time and have yet to understand it. Of course, what I speak of is the phrase ‘a guilty pleasure.’ Some modern terms, at least the most recently developed ones from the 2000’s, have made their way into my vocabulary- however not all. Some have become ‘second nature’ to society’s vocabulary, despite that, it doesn’t mean I’ve heard them all, let alone made sense of them.

I don’t know how many times I’ve come across that phrase, but it’s beginning to sound rather monotonous to my ears and it’s a bit perplexing, to say the least.

The phrase it self just rattles my brain to a world of utter confusion. Why would you need to feel guilty for something you take pleasure/enjoyment/fulfillment/happiness in? Is someone there to judge you based on something so minor? Something.. odd? Unique?

Why feel guilty for something that requires no need for guilt; is my question really. If you ask me, it’s simply maddening and ridiculous to say- let alone think. Why punish yourself, mentally, in such a way?

Perhaps my thoughts on this nonsense may seem to be utter rubbish, however, if you ask me it is nothing but another ‘fad’ term that has made its way into the vocabulary of people today, simply to make sense of something in a context that others may understand or empathize with- oddly enough..

Who knows. The world is mad enough and strange enough, I’m not surprised only irritated by it of course.

To have a guilty pleasure.. my, my.. to know I must feel guilt while enjoying something that makes me content for a moments time. How silly.

Although, I am curious about your thoughts on this phrase which has grown ever so popular with MANY, MANY people today.