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In fact, they’re quite useful and prove to be quite handy, especially for those of us who lose track of what day we’re on or heading into in the week of said month. I’m not sure how this came about, but speaking with a friend earlier about what date an event occurs, to then wishing I enjoy Valentines Day- to then learn it has yet to be said holiday, until tomorrow; to THEN become confused and think it is Friday the 13th when it is Saturday the 13th.. Clearly unaware and a tad lost.

I empathize, for he’s not alone in this. It has happened to me a few memorable times which I can recall.

I see more often than I’d like, people constantly referring to technology as their back-up or safety for MANY things, calendar too. It’s convenient, don’t get me wrong, but it makes me think more on how people are beginning to have mush for brains rather than use their actual head..

*sigh* Sign of the times? Is that the phrase? Pity.. It truly is.