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A rather interesting question was asked of me in the comments of today’s earlier post about my being both apathetic and empathetic. The questions asks, how I describe being and feeling both apathy and empathy, does it kick in one after the other, or what?

Well, what with my earlier post being quite vague on my being so apathetic and empathetic at the same time; I must further explain how it works..

You see, my apathy is rather prominent, more so than ever before. It’s always been there, since I can remember, but it’s only until now that I have seen it become me whilst remaining empathetic. It’s a bit of headache and take a toll on me. So both a mental strain and an emotional one.

I suppose the best words I can use to explain it would be a war between the two.

As for how it works, I can never tell for it just happens. When I feel apathetic, and I meanΒ feel apathetic, I really become nothing but an empty shell of myself. I can feel it, I know I express it, yet somehow, I stay tied to humanity and my emotions, because the empathetic side of me works hand in hand with the apathy.

So it works together. Not one after the other. I think that would make me go mad to be honest..

It doesn’t bother me, since it’s who I am and it’s what keeps me grounded, I suppose, but it does suck at times because the conflicting emotions do become rather overbearing.


I do hope this answers your question. πŸ™‚