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Alright, so before I get my head bitten off by you guys and perhaps others, this post is primarily about the shop update and a tiny sneak peak of the new painting to be sold on the shop; however to get this off my mind already; as of late- well, actually, since introducing this ‘modern’ update- WordPress has been driving me bat-shit crazy! Yeah, mostly has to do with the lack of knowledge behind this new and improved method to posting on WordPress on MY part, but it’s kinda getting a tad irritating.

I’ve not fully switched AT ALL to the ‘newest’ look of WordPress nor to the new posting method either. Personally, the dashboard it had before that sent you directly to the WP-Admin was great! Everything lined up, no need to go insane and figure out stuff, it worked fine. This is my opinion, of course.

I’ve witnessed A LOT of changes WordPress has gone through over the years- and it has been now.. woah, 7 years- and I’ve been okay with them all; however, not so much with this new version.

I mean, it still works the same, mostly because I’m still using a tad older ‘dashboard’, but it’s also becoming irritating to immediately click my link, to hover the mouse over the tab to select ‘my posts’ or ‘posts’ to then be taken to a ‘dashboard’ that totally messes me up?! NO!

Clearly, I’m not the first to go off on a rant about something so trivial, but it was rather irking and I just had to let my mind speak for the sake of my sanity, otherwise, it would eat me up.

No that I’ve finished with that- by the WordPress, you guys are still awesome, just some parts about you are not for me- onto the IMPORTANT bit that I wanted to discuss about.

As you guys know, I’ve been working along the way to set my online shop- nothing big, what with being the sole proprietor and it being a one man show- and setting things up to have enough ready for a couple orders of individual items; it’s been pretty hectic with having had a loss in the family and working longer hours due to the Euro soccer teams having finished with break, work has demanded longer hours.

So, what I wish to reveal to you guys as a ‘sneak peak’ is one of the paintings that is to be sold and is the first to appear before other paintings. Working at it one a time, can’t rush ideas or art.

Alright, onto the good part the ‘show-and-tell’ of this post:

The process behind the acrylic painting that will soon be sold.

The process behind the acrylic painting that will soon be sold.

And with that, I’m just gonna cut off right here and say good night, don’t let the bed bats bite.. much πŸ˜‰ and yeah.. I’m off to hitting the pillows. I’m done for tonight.

Over and out.