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Well, it’s kind of difficult to say; what with having noticed just HOW deep my apathy runs. We all have a bit of apathy in us, it’s how we survive, yet it sucks when you’re both empathetic and apathetic. I’m not sure how it works, but I just seem to be and have become more aware of it in the past year.

However, it’s saddening to see just how apathetic I’ve become.. Now here is where the empathetic side of my kicks in…funny. And yet, I know there is not a total loss in me for I still care. Yet, the apathy has helped to show little to no emotion and allowed me to not be swayed by many things now.

I am attempting to improve. Slowly, but surely..

It’s a daily struggle, now that I’ve come to accept and pay more attention to this deplorable behavior.. And yet, I know I have not lost myself entirely. So there is hope. Yet, I know, without a doubt, this will take some time.