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Store Description:

Hand made items for the dark and elegant at heart. From home decor, items of apothecary, accessories, paintings and even photo prints of my modeling.
Currently undergoing construction for introduction of new items! Patience is greatly appreciated.

Currently, Fae Temptations (previously known as IzSynthetiks) is undergoing some construction to work on a few items and getting the tiny online shop in order. Within two weeks, the tiny online shop will open.

There’s a lot that I wish to work on, but only so much one can do with only a short amount of time for themselves, while working a strenuous job within the kitchen.

During this moment of suspension, I have created a poll for one of the new products. Here is where I need your help to come to a decision of which soap creation would be the first to make an appearance in the shop.

** Shop will now open within three weeks. Please pardon the long wait. I certainly hope to solve the matter and be ready just in time for all to enjoy the new and improved shop.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Tons of Love Bites,