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Damn this infernal season of the common cold and Influenza! I thought I nearly made it to the clear, but no! It FINALLY hit me and at the worst of times. Today is the last rest day before returning to work tomorrow at 12:00, however, I am not looking forward to this one bit. Yesterday’s run of errands, getting back into the university and attempting to scavenge for things that are pretty enough was running smoothly; until 16:30..

Of course, that’s when all hell breaks loose and my throat feels like someone had shoved sandpaper down my trachea and thought to tie a string to it while pulling it out slowly just enough to leave some damage.

The neck is tired of supporting my skull -too much brain for it- haha and the head want’s nothing to do with anything except to make my famous potato soup! Last time I made enough thinking “hmm, this should last about 4 days..” I was wrong..

Come Day 2 and everything had vanished. *Sigh* No soup for the sick person I see. How kind of them. Well at least they know they like something different. The problems one faces when you’re the one pursuing a career in Culinary in the family.

I want to get up. I want to go out and have a few drinks/Coffee plan stuff out, organize, and more; but alas, this wretched cold has me pinned to my bed. Yet, not too well since I’ve been tending to the cute, dragon of mine, Mimi. From cries for food, to water, cuddles, kitty litter, sun baths; you name it.

Some warm Lemon and Honey tea sounds wonderful right about now. I will attempt.

With some more rest and perhaps a potato soup, the body should return to normal and no longer be in the horizontal position; except for two reasons.

Dead to world.. for now.

Dead to world.. for now. Photo from Cyberia night, November.