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So it’s about time I rid myself the horrid sensation as though I feel I am doing wrong when I really am not.

I do not wish to divulge much of the situation, nor will I. Regrettably life has taken a few turns for the ever so stressful and difficult moment in time. Some serious decisions have been thought over and will be acted upon quite soon. Currently I have found myself in a rather peculiar and perplexing situation that seems to lead me into one dilemma after another, however, I must move forward with myself and continue forth.

I am quite proud to have stuck it out and seen myself capable of keeping a job for over a year. If at most, that alone was one of my greatest fears. I hope I have this luck with future places of employment and many other ideas of mine.

School, sadly has been on temporary pause, but will shortly be acted upon. However that is the situation. Out of pocket is not possible with the situations being presented day in and out in my home. So, I have finally swallowed the sensation of guilt/pride and the many other feelings of sorrow over asking for help and have made a GoFundMe.

I’m terribly embarrassed by this, not sure why… but, I know I need the help. Doing it alone is just not possible. All the hard work and effort being put in doesn’t seem to amount nor come close to being as equal to the problems presented at hand.

Any way, I am not expecting much. To be perfectly frank, I am going at it day by day and simply attempting all that is possible to handle it alone. However, help is appreciated and ever so thankful towards. More so than I can truly express.

The GoFundMe I have made is an estimation of the cost of two culinary classes. I have a total of 65 credits needed to finish; I’ve done only 15. I simply wish to, at the very least, take two classes- the labs, which are the ever so pricey ones. From there, I will take it one class at a time. But come February 2016, I do wish to be able to afford two, if not one, culinary class through this GoFundMe’s help.

A share, if nothing else, is helpful all the same and greatly appreciated. *Crossing fingers* Now let’s hope for the best.