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It has begun! x,.,x

Save what is left of my energy and sanity in a jar and do not allow it to be removed from your sight. Lock it up somewhere. Toss it into a safe house, chain the doors, secure the perimeter and destroy anyone who so wishes to enter the vicinity of this place..

Second Oktoberfest, can I make it?! Will I?

It has only just begun. Today, October 1st, being its day of commencement, the hectic event that will last till the the 11th has been fully enacted and is in full motion. I can only imagine what tomorrow has in store me in the booth outside.

My set up is not fully complete, but it is nearly there. Cold things are put away, all that remain are the hot items.

Give me patience throughout this bitter sweet event that will shame a nun. ;P It is satisfying, yet grueling..

Anna Varney