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Once found, then lost, has been found again.
Was it the darkest part of my mind, wishing;
hoping to see, what was craved and yearned for?

First impressions were the strongest of memories, among the short lived moments of mutual happiness that was shared.

Tear out the heart and disconnect the emotions,
prepare to enter the empty world known as apathy.
Descend into a world of lost emotions and replace the face with a blank slate that gives off an ambiguous exterior.

Enter once more with the grace and efficiency of a newly sharpened blade. Nothing but the surrounding thoughts that lead to never ending enigma’s arise. Emotions locked away to save my sanity; flood back into my mind.

Did you break me? Or did I destroy myself after giving in, to my emotions that were eating away my flesh and bones? Burning with the intensity, only hell can produce..

A forbidden exchange of words unfold without hesitation. Apathy remains, but the lingering emotions break through the surface. It’s time to reveal the truth before the moment is lost for all eternity.

Forbidden guest, enter my life again. Open the doors that were bound and locked to hold back what was once thought to be lost; the dormant emotions rekindle.

Bid me welcome through your doors, forbidden guest. Devour my soul and destroy what was used to uphold a false image. Break through my darkness to reveal the hidden truth beneath this cold exterior. Break through the windows that reveal the soul and what was hidden; the truth I could not show you.

Allow me this forbidden embrace. This sinful act that allows me to show to you what was truly beneath this apathetic mask. Steal my soul away to the depths of murky waters within my blood and mind.

Lose yourself with me for this forbidden moment. Allow my suffocating thoughts and sincere emotions to drown us with forbidden touch of flesh and forbidden exchange of words that will break through the darkness.

Return to this forbidden touch; this proscribed feeling.

The ambivalence surrounding your sanity has cursed you down to the bone with a shattering apathy. Some how, you have broken through the disguise for a fraction of the moment.

Let this moment of defiance tie our souls to this guilty pleasure. In this forbidden moment, break through the wrought ironed gate surrounding me to disguise what I fear. Let me break your disguise, as you broke through mine and my sanity.

This insatiable, forbidden love has broken me and revealed to you the truth that was meant to remain a secret only a heavy heart and broken soul should carry.

Forbidden love, break and destroy me to show you the agonizing truth I die to reveal. Reveal to me your secrets that were hidden behind the darkness. Break the false image and expose to me what was hidden in plain view.