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They were going at it like two rabbits in Spring- or like two horny lovers that hadn’t seen each other for well over a few months.

They were so focused on getting it done, that they forgot to keep a look for any people passing by. That’s what happens when you do it in the open and focus so much more on the naughty bits. πŸ˜‰

Hr Giger's Zeitgeist

Well, it seems I killed their great va-va-voom. hehe After smacking one of them with a towel. Ouch. And she was enjoying the ‘ass massage’ so much; so it seemed. I guess I hit them pretty hard to knock them unconscious. Not to mention, the blow was so hard from the towel, that they fell into the container while in position of doggy style.

Oh well, I didn’t think flies could go at it that way. I guess I killed their moment while they were in their hot and heavy moments. They both drowned in the end.

At least they got a good fuck out of it. For flies that is.

For sex, this is best!