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In more ways than one of course. πŸ˜‰

However, my happiness from the horizontal position tonight should come from deep sleep and less banging in the head.

Luckily work wasn’t too hectic. A good rush, but not bad. Got majority of the prep done, so there shouldn’t be much left for me to do tomorrow except for my Sachertorte, ganache, morning set up and some quick run through’s of what’s needed/finished/or in low quantity.

I’m very pleased with my improvement over a full year. To tell the truth… I was beginning to doubt myself on whether or not I could make it and if I had lost my passion. It felt like I had for a while, but I think it had to do with a lot of the crap that goes on behind the closed doors. C’est la vie!

Luckily, I can feel that crummy feeling slowly dissipating my mind and body, however, I can tell there remains some of its fragments. Damn it all.

It was fun getting to meet some new faces recently and talk with some fellow co-workers who share just as much an interest in the artistic realm of the kitchen and the creations that happen within in it. So many ideas and inspirations and great tips and trade offs of experience and ideas. Loved it.

I’m feeling really inspired to make a twist on a gazpacho (cold soup). Instead of it being a savory dish, why not a twist as a dessert?! I’ve actually given it a try already, some strawberries and balsamic vinegar and few other things.. Definitely an interesting spectrum of flavors I had going on there. It’s not quite there, yet, though. There’s something missing.

What with mentioning the sensation of creativity surging back into my bones once again and me regaining my passion for all my art forms; I have much to divulge on my newest experiment and greatest step into one of my careers. By this, I mean owning my own little shop and getting all the wonderful ideas flowing in the brain and putting the hands to work.

I’m excited to let you in on the newest addition and one of the main products I will enjoy selling, not to mention making, for my tiny shop. Besides selling my paintings and commission pieces as usual, I will now sell some of my soaps, oils and scrubs I make here at home. I see it’s this HUGE trend now for everyone who crafts making soaps and all these skin products at home. Apparently people now take great appreciation for an almost lost art.

However, I am not making these little gems because of that. I actually have been asked to make these little beauties purely out of demand from friends whom tried my homemade soaps and oils. At first, I just made oils out of flowers and herbs to bake and cook with, then for scented sticks around the house. Soaps, I only just began to sink my teeth into, not literally of course, but after having made a few in the past and having people ask for more, I decided to add it as an item into my shop.

I’m nervous but I’m looking forward to see how well they’ll do.

Well, that’s all I have for you guys to be caught up to date with. It’s off to the bed for a nice horizontal position, kitty cuddles and oh yes.. SLEEP!

Sleep to this!Β x3