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In a graveyard of death and ruined ships;
surrounded by sharp, jagged rocks, decay and debris;
guarded by the blackest of waters, too dark to pierce through even with the rays of light that manage to give way through the thickest of clouds; lies what is known as, The Corsairs Reside.

A once mighty vessel;
she sailed throughout the worlds oceans.
Only to await an adventure into the unknown,
sailing from country, to port, to islands, and more.
However, beauty is the greatest concealer of the horrid truth behind any face, especially to one such as ‘The Corsair.’

It’s overwhelming grandeur meant freedom for any corsair who set foot upon her deck. The will to set forth and attempt what one who was bound by the law of the new industrialized world, would not do; took over those who sailed with her. A majestic ship drowned of knowledge, treachery, death, adventure; only for a captain and a crew.

Alas, her life, amazing and thrilling would seem to end.
For to last eternally, she would not.
She met an ill fate whilst entering the dark waters of the Graveyard of Ships..
Her starboard, destroyed upon impact. Killing all upon her as the lethal, jagged rocks entered her from below and side.

A secret was kept in her body;
never to be shown to the eye of one so beneath the captain.

Her death, was the end and the seal to a horrid truth.
The once ever beautiful, and sought after ship in all the seas was done in, before her very eyes.

She lies upon the sheer rocks,
holding a secret too horrid to reveal.
A secret that has led to her now given name;

The Corsairs Reside…