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Nothing says ‘nostalgia’ quite like a good ol’dinosaur film. Typically one of the first films we are introduced to, not to mention one our first favourite animals of all time; dinosaurs have been a part of out lives since we can remember. Whether it were made known to you through film, books, a toy; our love for dinosaurs came and it never left.

Probably the most impacting, engrossing, emotional, and captivating films of all time that sparked this huge love affair for these gigantic reptiles, Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film “Jurassic Park”, was the first that ever tugged at our hearts and love for the extinct creatures we wished lived among us today. It brought us a world that only our imaginations could ever conceive. A world, where, we weren’t surrounded by just fossils, bones, amber, but a world where the extinct was resurrected. Perhaps the most memorable scene, at least the first that comes to mind, is when Dr. Grant (Sam Neil) is taken by great surprise and awe, when he first lays eyes upon an actual, living, breathing, Brontosaurus. Our first, true encounter with these beautiful giants and an ever so memorable welcome to Jurassic Park by none other, than the amazing brain behind this wonderful, original world, John Hammond (Richard Attenborough).

Jurassic Park

But enough about reminiscing over our beloved childhood favourite. As times change, new things replace the old, sadly to say, and Jurassic Park is no longer the place we remember.

It seems it wasn’t enough, to have only three films of Jurassic Park. So a fourth installment was in desperate need to carry on a 22 year change of the island we grew up with and feared just as much as we loved. A plan for a fourth film was to be carried out during 2004, but release dates and production were pushed back constantly, and perhaps for good reason. Nothing was capable of topping the ever successful 1993 film Jurassic Park. Yet, despite knowing this, in June 12, 2015, all risks were taken and Jurassic World carried on! Making headline news and reawakening our dwindling excitement for dinosaurs, that Jurassic Park had greatly impacted onto us years ago. But, is it capable of topping the sheer amazement, attention grabbing, soulful creation we’ve come to know so well from the original, in a new, modern “Jurassic World?”


Having just seen the film for myself, I walked into it with a biased opinion. I’ve heard loads of pro’s and con’s from the film. Some have told me that this film will have me fall in love with Jurassic Park all over again, others, have mentioned how lousy a film it was and what a huge misdirection it’s taken from the original story, not to mention the shared similarities between Jurassic Park. However, I chose not to be influenced by comments, so walking in ‘blindly’ so-to-speak was the best decision.

But why don’t I explain myself by sharing my thoughts on this new take of a strange world we wish we could all visit.

As soon as I sat in the theatre room, my heart was beating out of excitement, fear, and pure joy. Hell, it’s dinosaurs damnit! I grew up with these guys and I was pretty thrilled to see this on the big screen, but I didn’t allow my over joyed emotions to quickly become the judge of the film. The beginning, well, you’re usual character introduction, theme, location, etc. Definitely nothing compared to Jurassic Park. However, we are in ‘modern’ times now..

Continuing on with your very own ‘personal tour’ of the park, by what the kids and people visiting see when they arrive the island. At first, the whole theme park shtick really rattled my brain and well, having grown up watching an open field, not an amusement park that had dinosaurs as the ride, quite literally already had me shaking my head, yet I also had a bit of a deep longing to experience it as well. Guilty?

From there, we’re introduced to the park’s operations manager, or as I like to say, ‘ big boss lady’; who definitely pays attention, ever so diligently to her position and her big bucks, instead of her nephews. Not to mention, the parks new asset; Indominus-Rex. The new star of the film. It’s seem the ol’gal T-Rex wasn’t enough to save this film. This vicious, crafty, intelligent creature is not a dinosaur, but a creature that was created in the lab, by combining parts of different genetics codes into its genetic structure. Top secret stuff!

indominus rex

However, when it’s time for ‘big boss lady’ to check in on the new asset with the CEO of the park, something doesn’t seem right and so a specialist is called in to give his opinion. You all know him as Chris Pratt. The man who’s gained the trust of the ever so lethal, and my favourite, Velociraptor. This former military man is brought to the parks new assets’ enclosure to evaluate whether it’s to be a sure hit or a huge failure for the park, but something goes wrong. This creature, knows to how to play games, very well and learns FAST. This is when everything goes amok and all hell breaks loose with a killer that’s known only, solitary confinement, out for blood, annihilating anything and everything in its path for sport.

velociraptors and chris pratt

Now I’m not going to get into much detail from here about the film, but I can say I left feeling a huge sense of conflicting emotions tied between being an ever so harsh critic while pointing out bits I liked about the film. First off, Jurassic Park, being my only favourite film out of all the installments, has really stuck on and held its place there for a LONG time.

Which is why I felt very distant and lost when having first laid eyes on this new film. The new creations of different creatures, no longer sticking to the sole purpose to the core of the existence that was Jurassic Park. It became a theme park, solely created and focused around the bountiful income they made off their attractions. Granted, the 1993 film had the same intention, but it wasn’t ANYTHING quite like this. It was a ride of the whole park, an experience in a jeep going through the land seeing these amazing creatures roam as they once did eons ago.

But greed took over and so they built over Jurassic Park, forgot about it, rather than commemorate it for beginning what was the impossible and making it possible. Definitely not in the spirit of Jurassic Park, in my book.

After getting a taste for that, there’s but another huge irritating factor which I had no liking of what so ever. The seen where the beautiful, Velociraptors are introduced is magnificent and something I definitely was looking forward to. The display of their incredible senses, craftiness and clever minds was amazing! But later learning that they were wanted as trained weapons by another business hog, really made my blood boil. Greed definitely shone through A LOT throughout the film. Pity too.

If that wasn’t enough, the dinosaurs, some at least, were not at their best. By this, I mean the graphics, the appearance, and the fact that these guys could have made it look a lot better. Hell, the dinosaurs from the 1993 film look better than the ones in the newest film! That blew my mind. You can tell their main focus was concentrated around the Velociraptors, the amusement park and its rides, and the theme parks’ new asset, Indominus-rex. You would have thought, with the technology and equipment they have to work with today, they would have made all dinosaurs equal in quality, but I guess it goes to show where the money shines through, is where the more work goes to.

Despite that embarrassing bit, really; another part of the film that really ticked me off was the quality of the blood in some scenes, if not majority where you’d see the blood splatter or drippings/marks/etc. Once again, another poor quality effect. I’m really curious to see how or why that is. You see so many films today with blood effects that look like actual blood, but you could tell that this was the stuff you make in batches at home out of corn syrup/oil, red food coloring and Kool-aid! Not all the blood scenes looked like that, but some, well, they really could have been a lot less theatrical about it. I mean, if you want to top of Jurassic Park, make tribute, or add a new installment to the story, at least do it better, or attempt to. However, that seem highly unlikely for many obvious reasons.

Besides poor quality in graphics and detail, supposedly this film was to be in no way, similar to Jurassic Park. However, I beg to differ. You can tell they really stayed close to their influence from the original idea, but with a new flair, one where a theme park/resort was created. These similarities are minimal, but some, though obvious, such as the kids walking into the original Jurassic Park establishment, which was amazing to see again, the aviary, your huge dino-outbreak. It still seemed tied to the original problem, only with a top-secret creature that managed to make a break for it.

There are a few other opinions that express my dislike about some other things in the film, but I’m not just a negative Nancy here. I do have my ‘Pro’s’ to talk about after all.

Heading away from the bashing and harsh critique, Jurassic World; despite its distasteful bits; it does indeed have a few parts that really captured my interest and did have me falling in love all over again with dinosaurs and Jurassic Park- even though my love never died.

I have to say my first true excitement came from seeing the beautiful Velociraptors. Those clever beasties really dug their claws into my heart and seeing them in action was the cherry on top of it all for me. I became envious, of a science fiction film, when I saw Gwen (Chris Pratt) tame these lethal, yet gorgeous beauties. My favourite was Blue, the feisty beta.

The herbivores, eh, not so much. They didn’t steal my heart as they did in the first film sadly, but seeing the old exhibit, the cars, head-gear and remains of the T-Rex from the first film; now THAT was what made it complete! I wasn’t expecting them to throw something like that into a new film that was supposed to steer clear from anything related to Jurassic Park. It was nice to see where it all began once again, even if it wasn’t in tip, top shape.

However, that alone did not suffice in what made me enjoy bits of this film. Indominus-Rex, though a new addition, was just as interesting to watch as it was to hear about it. This strange, new creature had strange, unusual qualities that a dinosaur definitely never had, that, was okay to me, but I will admit, it was pretty cool seeing a dinosaur have the ability to disguise itself.

One other bit, if you’re ever curious on what method is best to get rid of an annoying assistant that has been made your watch dog, simply have a Pterodactyl carry her over a large body of water, dunk her a few times to ensure she’s wet enough and then allow a Mosasaurus to gobble them up. That was a killer laugh for me.


But the scene that really blew me away and had me jumping out of my seat with concern, crazed excitement and killer happy jumps, was when the big girl herself, T-Rex, was given her moment to shine in the end with Blue, the Velociraptor, double teaming the hell out of that pain in the ass, Indominus-Rex. I couldn’t have asked for a greater ending, to see Tyrannosaurus-Rex have the last ‘roar’ and claim Jurassic World, as she did in 1993 in Jurassic Park.


Overall, my rate for this movie, is a 6 out of ten. I think, they did a great job. Definitely wasn’t easy, what with living up to the reputation Jurassic Park has had and held onto for well over 22 years. However, there’s a reason the previous two installments that came after Jurassic Park, were not as grand, same for this, in my opinion. To me it felt like a ‘popcorn movie’. Unfortunately, box office numbers disagree, for this film topped off within 3 days of playing in theatres.

Jurassic World, you may have attempted to become the new ‘Jurassic Park’, but you could only try so hard and do so much to match the sheer, inventiveness Jurassic Park had brought us. Good luck in the sequel.

Well, it’s up to you guys to really critique the film for yourselves. Your experiences compared to mine will differ, but my opinion stands. What’s your take on the new film, Jurassic World?