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It’s been a crazy month, what with all these games playing (soccer at the Bierhaus). I’m not a fan of watching sports, let alone playing many of them, yet I do partake in some that are to my liking- Dodgeball being one of them, hehe. Bet you can guess why. ;P

However, it seems my patience is wearing thin and the lack of anything artistic over the past month isn’t helping with my sanity either. So many ideas for photoshoots, paintings, things for my online shop, etc. All taking place in my head, each idea being written down, drawn, saving money and more is only accumulating and adding onto my stress.. *bagh, note to self, also go out to Walmart and buy a tripod for camera*

See what I mean?

I don’t think I’ve ever been this bad. All I want to do at this moment in time is curl into a ball, enjoy some kitty cuddles, sob/cry my eyes out, and be pet and told everything will be okay..

Unfortunately, I’m not easily swayed by that line, what with the ever amounting stress within my life at home. Too much at the moment in my book, and the stress levels at work do not help either.


An old painting of mine, but I’ve finally found a damn good title for it at last. “Crisis of Psyche”

I just want to escape this hell hole for a moment, attempt to find tranquility, solace, peace, relaxation; something, that will help sooth me and my thoughts.

Perhaps an attempt at sleep will do the trick; so I’m hoping, loudly!