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Well, maybe..

However, HUGE change of plans for 2016. I’ve promised myself a “strict” no out of state/city trips this year, what with wanting to save up for school and other endeavors. However, I am disobeying this rule for one particular trip that, in my opinion, is a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME, travel experience!

What is it you ask? Well, how does WGT 2016 (Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival) in Leipzig, Germany sound to you? Pretty awesome right?!

I couldn’t pass up on this 7 day trip, not to mention, this is my first trip to Germany! I’ve been saving up for this and thinking of so much that I would do at this event (one of many, which I am dying to attend). And, now with the opportunity having presented it self to travel with friends and enjoy something I’ve thought about for a while, I’m ecstatic and jumping on my toes out of excitement.

For now it’s a waiting game, which sucks, especially with being so strict on myself- aghh, it’s killing me and the year hasn’t even begun..