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So last week Wednesday, was one of my most looked forward to events during the month, or every month I should say. Fetish night event and chats with the occasional delicious beverage containing ‘le booze’. I don’t really drink beer though, so my love for alcohol is more of strong liquors. However, before any of the fun could begin before arriving to the hookah lounge to buy some incense sticks, I found myself a little companion for the time being when I had gotten off the bus as I arrived, just a few blocks away from my destination.

My heart fell as soon as I saw his eyes and heard him whine. At first, I thought that he belonged to the guy sitting at the bus stop, so I continued to walk. However, it seems my shadow had a companion of it’s own and the guy sitting made no notion nor called for the dog and completely ignored and I guess knew it was abandoned there in the first place. As soon as that thought hit me, not to mentioned noticed a little someone in the distance following me, I stopped so he could catch up to me and used, yep you guessed it; ROPE! Hahaha, now the reason why I had rope in my bag is for me to know and you to wish you knew, however, it did come in handy and instead of sitting there fearing the worst for this little guys life, I made a loop on his collar that was left on him and began walking.

Upon my first steps, a police cruiser drove by and so I thought it best to take advantage of the situation and ask a couple questions to help this helpless, adorable creature. The police officer was very kind Β and she felt just as heartfelt for the little yearling and had given me a bit of advice and spoke for a bit on what I could do in the mean time for the little guy.

After a bit of chat, and a quick walk with my new found partner in crime, we were off to the hookah lounge. Of course, everyone was adoring him, but my mission to help this little bundle of soft cuddles to find a home was far from over and was to be sure hell. There were moments where photos were taken by the awesome owner of the shop.

a rare sight, I smile

A rare sight in this photo! The caught me smiling a genuine smile! That’s REALLY rare for me.

doggy hoolah night and doggy mission

It was around 22:30, after going around, walking the pup, providing him bowls of water, and giving him as much attention as possible- not to mention the attention he got from everyone there. ;P

I’d say, I made my decision around 22:40, when I realized I wasn’t having any luck and I didn’t know if I could trust anyone, nor did I feel comfortable leaving the cutie there. If I saved him, he was my responsibility and I was going to see him taken care of till the end. However, it seem my strange source of good luck happened to kick in in the nick of time for as soon as I put him in the car, someone had confirmed to me that he was going to have a forever home and that they were on the. ;3

I’m happy to say that the little guy is indeed in a good, safe, forever home after having been shown the photos. I think I teared up a little inside and jumped around a bit out of my over joyous excitement. haha

Yeah, how’s that for a crazy life?! I doubt many people experience this kind of shit and are kind enough of a soul to do something so self-less such as this.

Oh, I almost forgot. The outfit of the night along with the makeup.

Before running into the cute doggy. On the trolley, being a cool cat. ;)

Before running into the cute doggy. On the trolley, being a cool cat. πŸ˜‰

The simple yet killer makeup.

The simple yet killer makeup.

A serious, goth bitch? xD

A serious, goth bitch? xD