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Seven days into this flu and it’s been murder..

All I that comes to mind it the want for broth, something really hot to help me sweat out this shitty cold and sleep. So far, only two of those wants have become reality, although only one was how I wanted it, the other, the hot to sweat this out, is happening through fever at night, which sucks..

The energy to do anything has left me and in a job where energy is what you need and to be in your best of health, this flu is only making things difficult. Last week, Thursday, everything was going well, until about 17-18:00… It’s kind of funny and very intriguing when the mind becomes so in-tuned with the body to the point where you know what’s wrong before the signs show. This is where I caught it, so I gave in to buying a bottle of Gatorade.

That night though, was hell and full of loopy nonsense- mind you no medication, just a sick, sober Izzy. Come Friday morning, final decision was made, not going into work.. So some rest, Saturday came, then the morning shift. Got my Hollandaise sauce done, prep, bacon, whole set up pretty much and then.. bleh, that same damn feeling once again. It slowly left the body, thankfully, around 15:00 the time to clock out. Sunday, nothing. Monday, was very shaky, a little afraid too, but got home without much distress. Tuesday, not that bad; until the end of my shift, which really sucked- not to mention, I almost got locked in the restaurant. lol

And yet, today… I feel like shit and nothing feels to be getting better.. I think the lack of sleep is the culprit, but despite the pain and aches and fear, I hope to focus on getting rest and finally attempting to eat.. Right now, eating bread at least.