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It’s been far too long since my last post, let alone a post that shows my creative side. I sometimes feel a sense of frustration and a deep fear within me that has me question and sometimes ponder on some of the things that go on throughout my daily life.

It sounds absurd, well, perhaps to the everyday person that doesn’t understand this (which I highly doubt), but the fear that I think I have is the sensation of “what if I loose myself?” Now at this very moment all that I am doing is watching Pokemon -the original one- cuddling with Mimi, and looking at which of the photos to upload here. I’m not saying I’ve lost my touch with my creative self and my style and with who I am, God no, I’m only stating a mere concern of the possibilities of that happening. I think it is due to the fact, since I’ve entered the world of work and more responsibilities and what not, I think my concern grew when I realized the career I’m in, though in the creative aspects of the industry, there’s not much if any, never an opportunity to really dress like myself, as much as I’d like.

The more I speak of it, the less sense it makes. It sounds ridiculous, in fact nonsensical. So is this a fear that I shouldn’t dwell over? No, no loner. Despite my concerns, and no matter how many times it may manifest as an annoying thought, I do not see me loosing me. The person who I am, will remain and will not change. No matter how many people wish it to. Now, without further adieu, here’s the makeup and idea I have for a photoshoot I’d like to do in the near future.

A dark fae and her fears, now defeated fears.

black and white scale faces looking up from the bottom New makeup portrait side stare well hello cutie well you're devilishly cute