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I think it’s always been an interest of mine to see myself with some other color of hair, besides my natural color. You’d think I’d have done it at an earlier age, but it seems I’m the odd ball that decides of all things, bare with me… that my left side is rather dull. After years of having the same, dirty blonde hair, now is when I think of this?! Does this make any sense? Perhaps not to a great majority, but some may understand this rather strange notion that overcame me.

It was almost like having an epiphany. The truth of it is, it was the month of October, and seeing as how I work in a restaurant, where makeup is the LAST thing you want on your mind and on your skin because of all that terrible gunk that sits on your face that can kill skin with the heat that cakes it on- by gunk I mean grease and filth- you realize that is not a mixture that is something for the skin to endure. So, since I cannot express myself in my usual way, I had to switch things around and choose to be expressive through hair color. I thought it was a fitting idea and I enjoyed the thought of it fully- this being my reason why I went along with buying Directions Violet hair dye.

If anything, Violet was the first color I chose and decided to dye my virgin hair because it is a favourite color of mine, secondly it’s a gorgeous color and for some strange reason, I’ve always thought that browns and purples go well hand-in-hand- go figure. Perhaps this is also another reason why they think me to be such a nut? @,.,@

Well, I can definitely say that the process of dying my hair was a bit of trial and error, but more of a trial of practice than one with error. All the steps that were needed, were taken, nothing stained – isn’t that the greatest accomplishment when dying your hair (?)- baby oil was extremely helpful and the color lasted! Although I did have to dye it another two times before the purple REALLY shown through. After all, I did not dye my hair, don’t want to kill it you know. x,.,x

After two months of enjoying the violet/purple it was time for a new color, something a little more vibrant (?), so that meant blue, and not just any blue, Atlantic Blue.

Atlantic Blue

Directions Atlantic Blue

That is, before I decided to add the new color to my flowing locks, it was time to be naughty and do something I never thought I would have ever allowed myself to do… Bleach my virgin hair. Now I know what I mentioned in the earlier paragraph, but I guess I wanted to see some color, well, a bit more color that is. I loved my hair without having bleached it when I colored the left side of my head violet -shame I did not take many photos where it showed fully- but I convinced myself into giving a small bleaching session a try.

So, I bought the important necessities, the hair dye (of course), purple shampoo to take care of the yellow/brassiness after having bleached it and then the ever frightening process began. It all worked out pretty well, considering it was the first time I ever bleached my hair, and by my own hands no less. Once I washed out the bleach, left in the purple shampoo and washed some more, finally it came time to dye! The final outcome…looked superb. I will say this though, I thankfully did not kill my hair, as how I was afraid of doing, perhaps the strength of the bleach worked well enough, but not enough to kill my hair- phew! x,.,x Happy about that!

Well, enough jabber, here is the final result! 🙂

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