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What with ii having been labor day weekend, the restaurant was closed for the morning, so no morning shift or prep. From what I remember, incredibly well of this day, was the horrid morning I had and my first break down in the kitchen. There comes a time where all the shit one is enduing finally catches up and hits hard with a force that leaves you broken and numb. Sadly, that was my morning and my whole night at the restaurant. At the beginning, it was simply cleaning the fryer oil, prepping things as fast as possible before everyone stormed in; unfortunately some of it had fallen into a mess, but was quickly fixed. As much as I told myself that I felt as though I was of no help that night and had apologized to Chef R for my breakdown and explained of my situation, I was told that it was alright, he understood, he has shit going on as well, but it is best to simply leave it at the door once I step foot in the restaurant, carry on and get things done then cry it out at home. In short, he was understanding of it, but also told me that if I wasn’t there, he and my manager J would have left under the water  and would never have been able to get things fixed in time; so I made a difference. After a share of hugs, I sobbed, slightly as I walked home.

It felt far more than a simple 20 minute walk, but then again I was distraught and not myself; only apathetic, saddened and lethargic. A shower, hot one at that, helped as a relaxant for bit along with kitty cuddles.

Tuesday returned back to normal, that is my morning shift. I felt as though it went far smoother and not as bad, although some consolation and a chat with the server I’ve befriended was very comforting and it helped relieve myself of some stress. I was very thankful for her being there. On this particular shift, I found myself cooking more Cordon Bleu’s than I thought I would. When my manager C says he can sell something, boy does he really mean he can sell! I was dishing those delicious plates like hotcakes. Once I finished up with the Cordon Bleu’s it was off to cutting my lemons for my schnitzel station. Shortly after, Cook J and M showed up and I was happy to clock out soon after.

Wednesday, I was happy to take that day for myself and not be bothered by the usual crap at home. Oh I was happy to see Jess and enjoy my day of leisure. Also, it helps to have someone to talk to, whom you can confide in- to me she is my confidant as I am to her. It was a great day and night, for we went out for drinks with her sisters and the baby! She’s getting bigger every time I see her, my does time fly by fast. Unfortunately, I was also given quite a surprise that night for a drunk lady had walked up and picked the baby up and began walking with her. Fuck the bags, go after the baby I did and luckily Jess walked out as well to help rescue the baby too! What is wrong with people today?! o,.,O

After that little episode of drunkard takes infant, I headed home and was happy to make sweet contact with my bed and pillows.

Thursday, was rest and a quick ride towards the later hours for a bit of a time around Tamiami Trail.

Friday, I was happy for it was pay day! A job well done and survived through. I found it a tad strange though when I did not see the band indoors, but there were so many tickets coming at us all in one shot! Lo and behold, to my knowledge, the band was held outside- so they will be set up from now on. Music to me ears, no offense; it just isn’t my cup of tea.

Saturday and Sunday, I remember little, but mostly a lot of crazy tickets and prepping.