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Definitely not something I was expecting any time soon, but I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. This week, Monday, I usually am the first to walk into the kitchen and get things started and prepped. Was expecting Chef P to run late, what with it already hitting noon. Was hoping nothing he was alright along with another co-worker, one of the servers; really nice gal.

It was nerve wracking, working the kitchen on my own for the first time. Luckily I had some help from my managers J and C. Luckily, Mondays are the slowest days and everyone disappears so there really isn’t much to worry over except prep for the following day. Productive in cleaning and prepping. Good to be kept busy at the very least.

Tuesday, second day alone in the kitchen. I’ve been told that Chef P will be a no show from now on, that he was told by the boss to focus at the Ft. Lauderdale. I cooked a little more today, made a ton of sliders. Along with making sliders, I also checked my first full delivery on my own. Perhaps it is nothing so grand, but it was and is to me for it is a step to learning things around the restaurant and it is a small accomplishment.

What I found most invigorating of my second day was my first attempt at making the Jager sauce with spΓ€tzle and Pfeffersteak with the creamy peppercorn sauce. Everything was perfect! I also received my first compliment! “My compliments to the Chef, the food was cooked to perfection!” I was quite proud of myself. As a treat, I was allowed a free drink after my shift. I asked for a shot of a “Red headed slut”. Oh yes, one of my favourite liqueur shots. Mmm.

I did enjoy my days off, although I would have enjoyed a longer two day rest period for more sleep. It seems as though there’s far too little time for rest, what with everything that has to be done because no one else seems capable or energetic enough to do something that is not to laborious. I find it to be only an act of laziness, though.

Friday, from what I can bring myself to remember, was not all that bad. There was a new band though; they focused or I should say, dabbled in the art of honky-tonk, something I’m not all to in favour of. Nonetheless, they did bring in quite a crowd and dare I say, there were a few diners that enjoyed this upbeat version of country for they were dancing their bums away after having enjoyed their meal. So that is a sure sign of a happy customer, I don’t know what else could be considered a sign of great content and satisfaction within a German pub (bierhaus).

I was more content once I clocked out for I got to take a delicious meal home with me. Although a pit stop at Barnes and Nobles was in order to wash the crud off my face and read a few books. Ah yes, the smell of a new hardcover and paperback. Instant pleasure.

Any way, aside from fantasizing over the scent of new books, Saturday was not all that bad. Although, I would be lying if I said that there were no mishaps in the morning with Cook J. There always seems to be something. Once 15:00 rolled in, it was off to getting things done. Refilling the sauces, setting up the set-ups, refilling the stations, etc. Everything has to be taken care of, otherwise if nothing is set up from the beginning you’ll never be able to catch up, which is when everything falls apart and you find yourself drowning in the mess. Never a good thing in the kitchen.

Was told though, before Chef R clocked in, by the bartender that my steak sauce was his favourite and more preferred than that of which Chef R made. Granted that elevated my ego a bit, but I was proud to hear that for I wish to do great in the kitchen; alone of not.

Sunday, I cannot remember much, it was a slow day.