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I do not remember much from this week, all except for having been overly exhausted. Monday and Tuesday were quite fast, but also enjoyable. Wednesday and Thursday, being my days off were spent watching movies and cuddling with my little face planter. ^,.,^ Thursday night was a treat though. Had found the opportune moment to finally pay a visit to Jess with Abdel. I really missed seeing familiar faces.

What could be better though with company than a visit to Checkers for a burger and milkshake. Food was my treat for us all. I didn’t feel up to munching on food though, had a lack of appetite that day from what I remember.

Came Friday, it was a shift from 16:00-22:00. Clocked in, grabbed my glass of water, and went straight to cooking. Not that bad, until the band rolled in around 20:00. Was able to cook myself some food for the road, then it was off to see Jess and Abdel, enjoy a delicious beverage at Fat Tuesday’s. I ordered the Kickin’ Lemonade with a shot of Vodka! Mmmm, good stuff! Hey, I can’t help it, I love my vodka, but the one I truly enjoy above all Vodka is my Polish Vodka or Potato Vodka. Far more delicious and without the effects of a hangover. Of course it still gives you a good buzz, if you’re looking for that sort of enjoyment, but there’s no hangover in the morning, so no need for pills to kill the splitting headache. Good tip!

Saturday, received a visit from my cousins and uncle. I missed them dearly. Unfortunately I was unable to stay as long as I would have liked, had to leave for work. I was able to catch though on some months of information and a year or two regarding my cousins son, my cousin once removed. So that was a nice chat. With luck, come the next visit, I’ll have some more time to kill for a longer chat.

After having clocked out from work, was picked up, drove to the aunts house, showered and knocked out on the couch watching “Die Schule der Kleinen Vampire.” It is quite addicting- as you can tell.

I felt so terribly exhausted, all I could do was lay on the couch and zonk out. I woke up around midnight, ate my dinner, watched some more of my German vampire, drove back home and hit the pillows happily.

Sunday, I only remember the feeling of exhaustion once again.