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Already a month into my new job, boy does time fly by. I’ve learned a lot within this month, my boss has told me within a span of six months I should know or in fact, will know EVERYTHING by then. I agree! What with the menu being quite a simple one and the rest is just learning how make most of the larger dishes from scratch, like the sliders, the wings, spätzel (which I’ve learned how to make, quite proud also fairly easy), gravy, suppe, liptauer, apfel strudel, crepe, etc.; there really isn’t much else to go crazy over except for checking in our suppliers, making sure everything stays tip top shape in the kitchen, cleaning, set-ups, desserts, and yeah. I’m getting there!

Speaking of spätzel, this Monday I learned how to make it from scratch! It’s a rather simple pasta one can make, although I do advise that you must pay attention to the consistency, for you’re looking for a slimy, yet sort of goopie consistency. So not too thick and not too runny. A good tip, what with having to remember so many recipes in a restaurant and other important necessities, would be to WRITE THINGS DOWN! If you have a weak mind or simply struggle to memorize most of what you’ve learned; bear in mind to keep a travel sized notepad or book so if you ever feel the need to jot something down, do so!

Once the spätzel was done, which was really enjoyable and relaxing, although I looked as though I were a cooked lobster due to steam, the boss came in, checked up on them. Got the okay and learned the technique to making long enough spätzel- I was quite proud.

Tuesday, nothing too crazy, but I learned a few other dishes and their plating. What is really annoying, and one thing I’ve learned fast; is that in a kitchen you will have one or more cook in the back of the house with their own methods of cooking and running the kitchen. Unfortunately, in most cases, these cooks will not respect each other an think ones methods to be far more superior than the other simply due to seniority. Whether it be length of time being a chef or working for a restaurant. This so happens to be the problem I am faced with.

Thankfully, working with Chef P, and being able to talk about said predicament I was given some advice and have pretty much stuck to what I know is right and what I know I have to do. Which is what most should go about doing. Also, never second guess yourself!

Wednesday and Thursday, days off for me. Enjoyed a ride Wednesday down Tamiami Trail with the puppies and the family (well, by dad, brother and sister). It poured down for the most part, poor things, the dogs were terribly afraid of the storm we encountered.

Thursday rolled by, gave Lady a bath, then went over around 21:30 to pay Jess a visit to help her with something. That something was the infamous ALS ice bucket challenge. To be perfectly frank, which I’m sure I may receive a lot of headaches for this, but what is the whole damn point of that fucking ice bucket? The ice bucket DEFINITELY has nothing to do with the disease and it is a waste of resources and MONEY! God damnit! I wasted a shit ton of cash on the ice and container. Anyway, to be a good sport, I helped with the first recording of the “challenge”; which we happened to record again the following morning, Friday, for the quality wasn’t what we were looking for.

Come Friday morning, around 9:00-9:30, Abdel and I were on the road back to CVS for more ice. -,.,- We filmed the video, thankfully this time it came out perfect, thanks to my trusty OLYMPUS (camera). Afterwards, it was a rush back for home, but before that, a quickie for some coffee or in my case, hot chocolate at Vaporshark shop nearby my house. Mmm, yummy hot cocoa. ^,.,^ Straight for home after that and to give Jojo his bath then to hope in for mine and out the door for work. Friday wasn’t all too crazy, although it was fucking nonsense with the damn tickets and not to mention the band once again. This time there was no butchering of songs, but there was butchering of my ears for it was a country genre based band that played. We also had some guys from who were pretty wasted and damn, after having made them that sandwich with liptauer and having heard they devoured it, I could definitely tell that wasn’t going to be enough to keep them from getting more buzzed.

Clocking in around Saturday morning, I learned that one of my bosses was punched by one of them wasted characters. Oof! Saturday though was far more eccentric; what with having that event the city of Coral Gables hosts called The Kitchen Hop. Nine restaurants, you and a group of people and more are allowed to visit these restaurants and get a deal on the food and beverages. In our case, being we are a German Restaurant and Bar, we gave free beer and free knackwurst sandwiches. Damn those greedy grubbers and their bottomless stomachs! Also, it didn’t hep that the service was to shit that whole day!

It was insane! From the time I clocked in, to the time I clocked out, it was cooking, dish washing, and more. I got quite a surprise though when I was in charge of helping with the dishes. Broken glass; surprise surprise! Any one want a quick slash over their wrists? I swear, the one thing that pisses me off more that crazed lunatics are service girls that get a job in a restaurant, who knowingly are well aware of the fact that they have to get their hands dirty with removing the napkins, the utensils, the leftover bits of half eaten food, etc.

Otherwise, why get a job where you have to get your hands dirty if you’re not willing to do the job right?!

Today, Sunday, not the bad, although once again, another fuck up with the damn tickets. Worked with Cook J from 12:00-15:00, then came in Chef R- a total relief. Although it doesn’t help when you have dummy Cook J, implement a method that’s shit and works like hell in a kitchen. It’s disorganized and has no function! What with him out of the way, thing sin the kitchen settled down a bit more, prepared a few things for Chef R, made sure everything was set for he was on his own and then I was off.

Thankfully, tomorrow morning brings a new week and new events. I’m happy that I get to work with Chef P tomorrow in the morning. For now, it’s off to hit the pillows and receive kitty cuddles. :3