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It’s been three weeks since my fainting, and one week since my visit to the doctors for blood work and MRI.

A visit to the doctors office is never and enjoyable experience for one is never sure as to what they’ll hear or learn. In my case, what with having visited the hospital plenty as well as the doctor; I can tell you that I am quite fed up with having to pay a visit whenever something happens, for it only sickens me and drops me into a state of momentary hopelessness. I feel as though I’m nothing but a mess!

From what my visit entailed this time; so the kind doctor relayed to me, was the cause of my fainting, more than likely was due to a lack of sleep, exhaustion and the fact that I have a demanding job. Also, I may unfortunately, have a low threshold to lack of sleep. This means, if I do not cease the opportunity to rest when presented, I am likely to have this very same event occur. Also, I must constantly hydrate and stay hydrated for that is also a likely possibility. Within my first two weeks, I was terribly nervous and embarrassed to grab a glass of water. Although, I seemed to have summed up the courage when I felt a headache coming on or the body feeling dehydrated.

Needless to say, I was horrible on myself my first two weeks. Aside from the marvelous news that was presented to me, blood work came back normal; perfectly normal- love that scene in Dracula: Dead and Loving It. Such great news is agreeably music to my ears. Although, lastly there was the dreadfully awaited results from the MRI.

I believe I shocked, or rather surprised the technician that took care of me during my scanning of my brain for I was ecstatic and ready to be sent through the giant donut shaped tube. I doubt they receive many patients that are so eager to be poked by needles and sent through for brain scanning. I did enjoy listening to the classic rock that was played, although to tell the truth; lying in that tube with my arms crossed over my chest in Dracula mode, was really pleasant and I kept falling asleep during the process. It was so peaceful, I couldn’t help myself.

After having waited 48 hours for the return of my results, I learned that I have a scar tissue on my brain. I cried a tad bit over the news for scar tissue on such a sensitive organ can indeed cause seizures… But from what I was told and what the doctor believes, it should not and will not cause me harm in the future, but if I am not careful when taking care of my health and am not on top of myself to constantly hydrate, the little fainting episode with the tiny seizure may happen again.

I do not plan on paying another visit any time soon to the good ole’ doctor, so I am becoming far more diligent when it comes to caring for my health, along with keeping up with such hectic schedule.

For now, I can say with assurance, that all is well. I have felt stressed and terribly exhausted, but I have luckily rested and continued to do so for plenty a time- give or take a four hour cat nap as I call it.