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Recently went on a photo shoot about a week ago. Went for a VERY different look; something I never do, mostly due to the reason that I feel and know I never look good plain- it makes me feel very uneasy? The theme was earthy yet dark so naturally best thing that comes to mind is brown upon brown, black boots, but a twist on the socks! Striped stockings all the way! The outfit in general was executed perfectly, to top it off a shawl to protect the skin from the sun also as another ensemble to the outfit. Unfortunately, the final piece that was meant to really bring the whole concept together loosened itself from the sealed frame, so the antlers had to stay.

What with being an aspiring Alternative model, every chance one gets to grow their portfolio, from what I learn, is a chance one should never pass up on if they’re intent on growing their portfolio since they are serious about their art work; but ALWAYS be cautious and know the people you’re working with!! So whenever I’ve been given the chance to make my art come alive or compose a new idea, I make sure to use the opportunity I’ve been presented- obviously though, with people I know who have experience using their craft (the photographer). This time, for this shoot, things were not at all along the lines of having experience, for my photographer friend was also using this experience as practice for them self, no problem there, but when looking through the photo set I noticed the biggest mistakes I always avoid and constantly remind myself NEVER to do. Always, always elongate that neck- it’s crucial! But what makes it a team effort is having someone who’s worked with people before and knows when one needs the aid of remembrance, one must speak up and say what is needed to get a great shot. Thankfully I’ve learned that on my own from a few inspirational role models, but also through the aid of the photographers who’ve helped me with my previous photo shoots. I am very thankful of that lesson and many others learned with their help.

Sadly though, I did not implement my lessons learned for when the body feels comfortable and when one is NOT in front of a mirror, one does not see themselves but feels what may be right- WRONG! Those mistakes appeared on the set, something I judge myself on very harshly. So of course, most of the photos that were great ideas were total flunks which disappointed me a lot. Perhaps another attempt at this very theme may turn out far better than the previous one.