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Third week in, almost a month and 36 hours for this week! Boy does time fly by. Every day I learn something new and every week I meet someone new or learn more helpful techniques. For my third week, I began my Monday in my first morning shift. Definitely something new for me that very week, but I already new the few things that had to be prepared.

Monday, clocked in at 10:00. Got most of what I knew ready and set for this new chef I was to meet. I thought I was going to meet another older chef, but surprisingly, the chef I met and worked with on my morning shift is only 6 or 7 years older than I. Chef P is who he is. German too, like Chef R! So naturally, it felt comfortable working with a neighbor- you know, country wise?

Any who, meeting Chef P was awesome. Picked up a few more techniques and still am too! He’s definitely a speedy Chef. I will say this, but at least I’m not having my head bitten off. Monday, for it being my first morning shift, was a bit of fuck-up. But what can I say; it’s a Monday, that’s what everyone is on. Plus, I’m no morning person so I’m surprised my brain was working well enough to get things moving along.

Towards the later hours of 13:00-14:30, the restaurant picked up the pace and the kitchen was getting busy, which was good, but not as busy as I would have thought, although it was a Monday so things are slow. Only ten tickets. Not even close to much, to let you know. So to kill some time, I was put on breadcrumb duty! Yep, I got to play with the big boy and shred bread into itty-bitty pieces, or shavings I should say, for our food. Before clocking out at 15:00, I cleaned up my mess and what not, as well as the walk in cooler. You have no idea as to what I may find, whether it be leaves of lettuce to celery sticks or onion skins… sigh. Whenever you see a mess, you clean it right?! Well, if only two certain people in the kitchen knew how to do just that, boy would that make my day!

Tuesday, my second morning shift went smoothly, got more cooking done and went to work with Chef P until he clocked out at 16:00. I was working with one of the other cooks in the kitchen, J. Yeah, so I have cook J and cook M. I was working with J, so far so good, but his method is very strange and really works little for me, also with him having SUCH a thick accent; it makes this FAR more difficult being in the kitchen.. So working with him, it’s nothing personal, but I can see some trouble in the future caused by him and cook M.

Wednesday and Thursday, thankfully were my days off, although, I was not looking forward to them for I had to pay a visit to the doctor Wednesday morning, 11:30 for a check up. What with having fainted and apparently having had a mini seizure, which is why they wanted to see me since that was the first time that has happened to me, the doctor wanted to ensure my health was not under threat and was curious as to what may have been the culprit, just as I was.

From what I had told her, she believes it to have been nothing more than my lack of sleep having caught up to me as well as the exhaustion and having started a demanding job. More on that in another post.

Thursday was a second visit, but for an MRI, more information on that in the other post.

Friday, was not so bad. Although my arms, or veins I should say, were still sore from being poked and stabbed by needles. Pretty busy with making burgers, wings and schnitzels. I’d say around 20:00-20:30, the live entertainment came in and started to kill my ears again. Alright they’re not that bad at all, in fact, the guy and his band mates play pretty damn well, only problem is when he screeches like a lady over a few songs. So of course, my ears bleed away while trying to take in everything Chef R taught me, especially a few awesome new recipes for sauces.

Also, what made Friday FAR better was receiving my first pay check! I felt so proud!

Saturday and Sunday, were both the same hours from 12:00-18:00. Saturday, worked with cook J in the morning. I learned how to make a few of the dishes from scratch, so that was great, although it is quite an unorthodox method. Although before I got busy in the kitchen, all I could hear from the bathroom was yelling and an argument boiling over. So cook J obviously got reprimanded by one of my bosses.

Sunday, cook J was quiet while making a few things, like boiled potatoes. As soon as I clocked in, I put them to cool on the salamander/speed rack to cool off. Once that was done, it was at least some time for a break to munch on something fast and get prepared for the tickets to come. It was hell working with cook J though, for as I mentioned his accent is very thick and difficult for me to understand. Problem is, this ass thinks I don’t listen to him; WRONG! I JUST DON’T FUCKING UNDERSTAND YOU!

So this joker was on my last nerve and was pushing my last button. Finally I grew apathetic towards his shit. Funny thing was when he gave me a few “pointers” on how a restaurant runs. Granted I know I am new to the business and do know all that goes on, but to interject, I DO KNOW the bit that I learned and bothered to ask from picking the brains of people I’ve met and instructors. So I’m not walking into the business blind! Although, what really tickled my funny bone, was when he said “you know how you have to be in a restaurant, right? You have to be fast! You know how they show on channel 6 and channel 10? Those classes.” Boy when I heard that, I wanted to just drop my knife and crack up right in front of him; although I had to save that outburst of laughter for when I walked out the door. One thing’s for sure, that REALLY explains it ALL now.

Afterwards, things got pretty slow and it had its moments of speeding up. Luckily, Chef R clocked in at just the right time, although let me tell you, I really wanted to cut my head off that day what with having been driven insane. I understand everyone has their methods, and it works to their advantage, although, one thing I wish many people understood, is the fact that NOT ALWAYS will a method that works for you, work for another individual. It does not work that way.