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A total of 17 hours completed for my second week. Shorter than my first, thankfully, for I was given a four day rest period. Desperately needed. As I mentioned in a previous post, during my rest period, Tuesday morning, I had fainted. The rest of my rest period consisted of watching movies (Pride & Prejudice to tell the truth), eating, drinking loads of fluids and resting whenever possible and taking things slow.

Friday, I clocked in at 16:00. It was an interesting night since we had a band, a local one that drops in to play some hits for everyone at the restaurant. I was pretty busy making roasted potatoes, schnitzels, wings. bretzels mit liptauer ( a cheese spread we make), apfel strudel, chocolate cake, sausage sampler, etc. Busy, but good. Drank a ton more water that day. Made sure to let Chef R and the boss know about what happened; they were relieved though as much as I that my fainting hadn’t happen in the kitchen. Hell I was ecstatic that it didn’t occur there! o,.,o

Any who, Friday was hellish in it’s own way, what with the band that came to play. To fill you in, Friday’s we always have a band play from 20:00-23:00. On that Friday night though, I wanted to shoot the ass that was singing half the shit he decided to play that night. One song in particular though really stood out to me, mostly because it is from my first band I ever listened to intently during my middle school years; HIM or H.I.M. The song covered by the band at the restaurant was Wicked Game. Although, let me tell you, this man butchered the fucking hell out of it! Boy do I mean BUTCHERED!!

But hey, after that, I’ve now come to think the guy has nothing much to do and is just out to have some fun! The cooking was good, and everything came to an early close for me around 22:00.

Saturday was a later stay since I had to prepare a few things for Sunday’s Swiss event with Chef R and another cook. Roasted potatoes, sliders, etc. Unfortunately, there was another issue with said cook in the kitchen that gets on mine and Chef R’s nerves. Instead of making sure there was enough of everything, she continued to go about things in her own world and of course, going about things her own way and ignore Chef R.

Sunday, being more insane, I clocked earlier than the time scheduled; so 16:30. As soon as I clocked in, straight away to my station, prepare my canapes, well the bread first were put to toast, then liptauer and herb cheese mixture spread on the toasted bread. Once those were prepped, it was off to my schnitzel station. Let me tell you, I did NOT want to see a schnitzel for as long as I live that day! Even when not on a busy night, I find schnitzel’s to be, though an easy dish, terribly annoying after a long while of schnitzel making- although IT IS TO DIE FOR!!

Anyway, Swiss event, was hell. Nothing was enough whatsoever, things were lacking. Salads were not enough, I got snapped at, while trying to keep up, but thankfully it wasn’t that bad of a bark and I got back in gear and shaped up afterwards.

For it having been my first event, 120 people or so from a headcount that I remember, so far so good, but next time I believe I’ll stay a little longer an make sure that shit gets done or help out some more. What can I say, I’ve already figured out who’s going to be a fucking pain in my ass and trouble in the kitchen for me on my second week. Shit…