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Literally! Although I shouldn’t fill your minds with such thoughts, it wasn’t the bangin’ morning you may be thinking of. πŸ˜‰

What occurred last week, Tuesday morning; I was having strange dreams, far stranger than usual ones. This one in particular was the oddest one yet, for I was able to smell something in a dream; which is something I’ve never been able to do. What I distinctly remember about this dream in particular, was this wood paneled room and a group of people surrounding this cloth covered table or hole on the concrete floor. I remember standing in a corner somewhere within the room, the cloth kept fluttering around with the draft that was within the room. Then the horrid smell began to permeate the air. It was disgusting. Definitely something foul or rotting flesh; as though I had walked passed a garbage heap and a dead animal corpse.

I kept waking up several times during the night, and kept returning to the same dream, smelling the same revolting odor. I’d around 6:00 am was when the dream finally got somewhere with the story line, for the linen flew off the table and revealed a human body. Perhaps I’ve been watching too much NCIS or Horror flicks, but I doubt that’s the case for this would have been with my whole life then if it were. After the cloth flew off the body, the thick smell of decay filled the room and the next thing I knew; I woke up walked to the bathroom to take a leak.

Just before my whole run in with the window sill, the towel rack, the floor and a mini tremble of the body; all I can remember was sitting on the porcelain thrown, dozing off back to sleep, but somehow managing to lift my knickers up after I finished my business and then… Blank!

I guess I got up too fast or the lack of sleep finally caught up to me, but my awakening was me hearing my name yelled or called, to then recognize it was the voices of my parents to slowly slouching myself towards the corner of the bathroom, right in-between the bathtub and toilet. I still wasn’t in focus for I was dead to the world, but I wasn’t that bad to where I couldn’t hold a glass of soda to give me some sort of a lift. Apparently, when you’ve fainted, best thing to help raise the blood sugar is something like a soft drink or juice.

I couldn’t hold myself up, all I wanted to do was pass out again, but I was constantly being called at to stay with my parents; if you get what means, but I still had that stubborn nausea that wouldn’t give. Finally, my stomach said enough was enough, so I puked first a tiny bit of saliva in the bathtub, then the rest of the digested meal I had from the night before. I can tell you this, I felt a HELL OF A LOT BETTER after having puked up that junk in my stomach. No more nausea and finally I was starting to feel a lot less clammy. Horrible sensation I might add, also the worst for it only has you want to pass out again so the body can cool off.

I didn’t do much after I got back up to my feet except sleep in a chair or love seat (?), drink fluids, eat some crackers, Swiss cheese and some slices of ham. Alas, I thought I was in the clear though when I was doing alright with some needed rest, but apparently I could escape a visit to the doctor. So come this Wednesday, my ass is off to visit Dr. S, although since Dr. S is out of town, I will be seeing an associate of his. X,.,X *gulp* For blood work.

The needles, am I afraid? Pfft, not even. I don’t fear the needles, I know it’s nothing but a prick then I’m done. What I do fear is when I have a nurse or someone that is taking my blood or doing the blood letting, bruise the vein or have trouble finding the vein! My last experience was at the hospital, a pick line nurse (the experts in finding veins) was called in to find a vein in my arms. I guess since I was poked at so many times, my veins became shy and decided to run for the “hills” and call it a day. With luck, from what I’m seeing, I shouldn’t have TOO much trouble with them finding a vein or two, I just am not looking forward to visiting the Doctor for I always have a nervous sensation whenever I go there. >,.,< I hate it.