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Wicked fun Saturday, June 30- also something new. Was invited to attend Sinister event at Eros Lounge with Aimee. Wasn’t really sure what to expect, since I’ve never attended any events that are related to the scene here in Miami. Have only have gone to a few places in Orlando during my visits for the conventions; usually the after parties- which are pretty great! But I will say after having enjoyed last Saturday, Miami has redeemed itself to me with worthwhile events and a great crowd of awesome, decked out people.

Saturday’s are usually dead or time spent at the aunts; but I also have a few where it’s a stay home Saturday, which so happened to be the one just passed- luckily. Having been invited to a night out with an awesome friend, Aimee to enjoy something new in Miami, meet new people and a great crowd was definitely worth and why not?! If you know you’re with good company, at the very least, go out, enjoy the night and have fun.

Having packed the giant, heavy backpack and a shoulder bag to take with me, I was ready to head out the door and leap into the car with the two friends and a huge backpack full of clothes, fishnets, accessories, makeup bags and hair products; after all one must always be prepared to touch up the hair, makeup, and have wallet on their person and ID, etc., at ALL times.

We arrived at Aimee and her mate’s apartment; set up the playlist to get ourselves in the zone while getting ready; outfits first then came hair and makeup. Outfits, I zipped through that part for I already chose my outfit. Something quick to slip into and not too hot, haha; heat inducing I should say. If you’ve ever been to a club or event with a large crowd, you know it’s going to get warm in there and in certain areas where the sweat likes to tickle its way down the body. On with the fishnet shrug, rib-top, suspenders, skirt, stockings, garters, socks and boots; check. Outfit ready. Now the hair; HAIR! Agh, always a killer. Unless you’ve bothered to practice in front of the mirror for an hour or two each day, it’s never easy to make it look like sweet perfection, unless of course, you have the aid of a blow dryer, a teasing brush, Göt2b spiking glue and tons of hair spray and patience- oh and an arm of steel.

Hitting around 21:00 (11:00 pm), we sort of falling behind if you could even call it that- running late suites it better. So makeup was a quickie, but looked über nice!


Some photo’s before leaving out the door. It’s a must. 🙂


Neglecting my sit ups again.. hmm. BAD! But hey, I’m back on track.


Crazy hair is a must. 😉


Claws and a striped leg.




Silly faces

From there, it was smooth sailing to Eros Lounge. On our way we drove by a club about 7 blocks away, LOADS of police action there- yeah, that kind of crowd. Found some parking, although in the strangest, yet most efficient way. What can I say, you gotta make it work to your advantage in Miami. Time to pull out the ID’s, star stamp on the wrist – oh yeah- and off to meet the wonderful people of that night and more. Really pretty people I might add. What was super cool though, was meeting on the DJ’s, the first runner up, DJ-DeadHead, was playing some great beats for it being the first round. Danced the first hour away to his playlist, I believe it was an hour, maybe an hour and a half. All I know is I enjoyed it. Then it was time to water the system down with a Kamikaze. Mmm, love that drink. Has a nice sour taste to it.  But of course, always have a water bottle on your person. Very important!!

More pictures of the night’s event and dancing fun:

chatting Dancing hair in face IMG_7709 IMG_7710 IMG_7711 IMG_7713 IMG_7714 IMG_7715 IMG_7716 IMG_7717 IMG_7718 more fun more dancing sinister night fun

dancing more dancing drinks and couch surprise caught off gaurd

fun night

Two pretties on a couch. 😉 We looked hot.

oh yeah, we try hard

Then there was an intervention with a plush monkey on the couch 😉


The lucky monkey


He was gettin’ some sweet lovin’ from two goth girls.


Tongue, much. 😉


Kiss on the cheek.


More kissing action. 😉 What can I say, we got lucky.


Pretty face. As always.

Unfortunately things had to be cut short around 2 in the morning no thanks to having received a phone call from the house hearing that someone was trying to cut a lock to the fence and was attempting to break into the yard. So I had to sadly, say my goodbyes a little early into the night, to me it was early, but I was happy that I had the chance to enjoy Sinister night and dance the night away and see some familiar faces as well as new ones. Lastly, a group shot of some us from the event.

group photo Sinister night