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Alright, now I know a burger doesn’t classify as breakfast to the average human, but let’s face it; I’m an eccentric, hyper nut that enjoys doing the opposite of the average human and a burger sounded fitting to me. Although, hitting around noon, technically, deems it lunch, but to me it was breakfast, for an empty stomach is all I had on me aside from my bag and wicked cool company joined by conversation, food and beer.

Beer, no, not mine, my friends. I’m not a beer kind of girl, never have been. Don’t like the flavour of the smell. And out of all the ones I’ve tried; which has been quite a few, and not very good I might add; there’s only been one, Ying-Ling I believe that tasted remotely satisfying. *One thumb up* Any way, last Monday was a change in pace from the usual mornings of wake up, cuddle kitty, plan ideas for outfits/makeup and photoshoots and conventions, sit around and be surrounded by boredom; so as you can tell, hanging out was definitely a wonderful treat.

As I’ve mentioned, or probably haven’t, mostly all my conversations, the ones I have with almost everyone I know and have befriended, ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS, lead into a sexually based topics with a humorous take to them; whether it be about a particular film- Cemetery Man; Frankenhooker; Dracula: Dead and Loving it, the list goes on- or other topics that have the ever famous sexual jokes or innuendos thrown into them, that are never too far behind in any given conversation I take part in. Well said conversations occurred on that day, and boy were we cracking up. Although, I was surprised just as much as Felix was, to see children being brought there to eat with their parents. Not exactly a “profanity-free zone” or “children-friendly zone” Burgerfi in Miracle Mile. So to save their innocence, we did them a HUGE favour by leaving the outdoor seating area to moving indoors, which sort of rid us of this pesky fly that tried to have a go at the beer and food. Annoying little pest.

After having done our good deed for the day, we got to chatting a tad more, then onto a list of appreciating certain films/film makers and ideas of future projects we have in mind and our top 5 B Horror movies. Hey, I can’t live without them, they’re a classic and have a special place in my heart since I’ve grown up with watching all that wonderful, sappy, cheesy, horror movie, comedy type stuff.

After a last few minutes of some serious talking it was time for goodbyes and home bound for me. Luckily, just in time before the rain caught me.