If you’re interested in history and old buildings, then you’ve come to the right place. Asylum Attendant has given us an insight on some new events that are to be carried out at the Eloise Asylum. Something, which I’m sure, not many are aware about. So what are you waiting for? Visit his post directly through here for a read on what Asylum thinks about this newly found detail of news on Eloise Asylum.

Asylum Attendant

In the back of my mind, I always believed that the story of my second home, Eloise Asylum, would make a great film. And I just learned that’s it’s actually happening! Holy shit!


I want to tree-branch for a moment before I go into the film. I try to pay attention to which of my posts get the most views or searches. My posts on Eloise Asylum and Eloise Cemetery have consistently been at the top and I expect that to spike a lot higher once the film actually comes out. (Free promotion is never a bad thing. Sorry I’m not sorry.) I am not a historian or an expert on Eloise, but I have done extensive research on it. I have physically visited the asylum numerous times. Unlike most people who go there, I’m not really interested in the ghost stories or illegally breaking into the buildings for a…

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