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There’s was nothing I could do! It just kept calling for me, and then it ensnared me with its faux leather touch to the point where it wrapped its laces around me and tighten the buckles on me with a tight hold that could kill.

Well, it may not be as grand as it sounds or as intriguing, but the time came for a new pair to accompany the wardrobe. Not to worry; it’s nothing lethal I assure you, well, so long as you’re not within a 4 foot reach when I wear them. If so, then duck or make a quick dash before the blow hits you.

It’s been two years since having purchased my Demonia Trashville 502 Boots and they’re still looking brand new, yet I had a bit of a worry about their longevity. After all, I practically wear them every three to four days out of the week, so naturally constant abuse/usage of the boots, the less guarantee of a longer life span; even with great care. So the time finally came to set sail for a treasure hunt of the century- the search for new, killer boots.

Sad part is, most of the really cool looking shoes/boots/etc. are no longer available at the mall as the used to be. I mean, hell, I still remember buying a pair of platform flip-flops at the mall. It was all the rage when I was a child, and let’s face it, they were comfy! But, what with the change in style over the years, things have made a turn for oh.. how can I put this nicely… hmm.. nope can’t think of it in a nicer term. Best way to describe it would be retro/floral patterns/ shabby-chic meets vulgar easy girl? If that makes sense. But perhaps that’s what I’m only witnessing here in Miami, so no offense, but it’s true.

Any who, with such change comes new tactics when looking for new stuff to buy at a great bargain no less. So what place to go scavenger hunting, than ever famous e-bay? So after a good search, oh about 30 minutes I should say, my hunt for a new pair came to an end for I found THE perfect boots to accompany the wardrobe.

must have


Pretty sweet, right?! I guess you can say I fell head over heels for these babies. Not so much for the style though, but mostly because I FINALLY decided to give in to my whim and waste some cash on myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t, but when you’re a college student, especially one who is part of the Alternative scene, it’s pretty damn pricey to keep yourself lookin’ good while paying for what’s more important… CLASSES!

But hey, I’m not complaining. I needed the shoes and let’s face it, Demonia’s, though great, if you wear them constantly, they’ll give out on you without the proper care. So now with two kinds of boots, I’ll finally take a load off the Demonia’s and have my fun with these new kicks and not worry about tying 16 eyelets or putting a strain on the laces.

Oh, one other thing. If any of you are interested in a new pair of boots, to give your older boots a rest every now and then and have had your attention caught by those boots (image above) then you’re in luck! There’s quite a few on sale, but you better hurry.

Great prices DON’T last long!