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Now before I lose myself explaining this tale; so you’re a little more informed about the what kind of person I am and am not; I’m nowhere near a chummy, bubbly, crazy excited extrovert who’s ready to work with a large group of people; I am quite the introvert at times- correction, I’m not an introvert nor am I an extrovert; I’m simply comfortable and simply observing everyone. Now why would I start this off in such an off and perhaps standoffish manner you say? Well, it’s not to be rude or vain or nasty, but to tie it with what my sister depicted me as in an entry letter/email for a position at Disney to be one of their princesses that she had secretly signed me up for.

I was in utter shock to tell the truth when I was FINALLY told of this sneaky plan of hers, which she of course believed it to be humorous, so did I- I will not deny it. Yet to her, it is far more hysterical mostly because she knows I’m nowhere near Disney material that would meet the standards of an employee that has to always smile, put on a show and feel comfortable with it. So everyone is clear, I have NOTHING against Disney! Hell that was my childhood, along with B rated horror movies, Mel-Brook comedies, Abbot & Costello films, black & white TV shows/vintage films, etc., the list goes on. So there’s nothing being said against Disney; I’m only stating what I am not. Without Disney, there would have been no childhood- nor would there had been without any other films I grew up watching…

Any who, what with being the kind of person who does not meet Disney criteria; my sister thought it would be a real laugh to sign my name up in response to this email asking for new Disney princess positions.

She described me to be an utterly joyful, happy-go-lucky, extrovert that enjoys singing, seeing and working with children, and an always smiling type of gal- which I am FAR from. Sorry, but I’m not that grand to play along the happy Princess role every day or time. I believe I’ve only done so a few times and that was when I was younger, and that was for Halloween when I dressed up as Bell, Mulan and Esmerelda (from Hunchback of Notre Dame). Along with personality traits that sound too goo to be true, she also mentioned that I sing, but that my singing was not all that great nor bad- at the very least certainly not tone deaf, as she put it.

Lo and behold, that very day she told me about what she signed me up for; which was weeks ago, yet I was told of it about 4 days ago now; she received an email in response to her “entry email.” The email, I never read, but she had read it and told me what the contents of it were. Pretty much this email sent by the people at Disney whom I believe, I frightened, had messaged her saying that they received her email, but that had to sadly decline the entry for their former princess returned to her job. That they had looked up my information, profile, and that they were a bit shocked or surprised (I cannot recall exactly the word they said) with the photos they had seen of me on my profile, but that they do not judge, which is nice to hear, and that not to worry, most of their Princess performers know little to zip about singing or have no voice at all, but they teach them and help them better their voices. Aside from that, they wished me a magical day.

Now, I don’t know what they saw, but I’m going to say they passed by my facebook and saw a rather eccentric girl that gave them a bit of a scare, especially when having been recommended to be a Disney Princess performer. Haha, I still laugh about it today, but it was nice to know that Disney doesn’t judge people on their interests- which I hope is true, but what with people today, one never knows who is sincere and who’s the liar.

As you can imagine, this will forever be engraved in my memories for only these crazy things seem to happen to me. haha But hey, it was worth a shot. And even if I didn’t make the cut because I’m a Disney Princess Reject, then so be it. I hold nothing against Disney over what they mentioned. I found it enlightening and quite amusing, in a funny way. After all, I don’t think I’d be able to cut it as a Disney Princess; make me a villain and then we’ll talk. πŸ˜‰