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Going off on a bit of rant here, but there is a significance to the title. As of late, the most heard phrase around my area and between my dad and I has been just that, only it is not an interrogative one, but a statement, “This is the generation of the ungracious ones” how most have nicely put it, but in my case “this is the generation of the ungracious, the stupid, and the ignorant.” Not to offend anyone, but I’m sure majority of you today can agree that it has been leading to that with how dumb society is becoming. Now I’m no dunce, nor do I believe the majority of you readers are, yes I know I sound tad rude, but let’s discuss it a bit. It is clearly visible, to me at the very least, how much has changed and is continuing to change- unfortunately not for the better. Society is becoming highly dependent upon electronics, many forms of communication are becoming a dying art, people no longer know how to function without the aid of a phone or I-pod and seem to no longer want anything to do with biodegradable stuff (humans, animals, etc.), and privacy has become a privilege. Oh, one last thing; surely you cannot deny that we have seen the growth of stupidity on the charts sky-rocket with ungraciousness, while we see intelligence and humility decline!

It’s been a funny topic, this bit, to hold with most people I know, for they usually turn the subject down or wish to remain enclosed within their pristine bubble of innocence and only turn a blind eye to the matter. Needless to say, but I’ve no longer risen the subject up from it grave for I’ve only told people one sentence; “read 1984 by George Orwell.” With that I end my bit of the conversation for I know it carries on to nothing but a whimper or complaint and further questions that only hinder my progression into the subject matter. Hence my rant. Everyone I seem to come across meeting (whether it be in person or not) has become a thorn in my side that I pluck out and through away into the trash bin. *sigh* I’m surprised I manage to hold some slight hope for the human race; mostly because I’ve met more individuals who do not show such an ignoramus side of them and seem to not even own such a thing. Good on you guys! As for the lacking , yet ever-growing minority of twits and tosspots (yes, rather brutal terms but they’re deserving of it in my book) seem to shake the scale with their ever escalating idiocy.

Should I turn it down a bit, not necessarily. I am enjoying a bit of a vent here, but am also writing an opinion that (may not matter or make sense or be of interest to people) some should read and later put to work, by observing or watching “The People Show.” It’s not an actual show; it is the people whom you see all around you, the ones you know or do not know, those whom you’ve talked to, associated with, etc. That is the people show and a scary yet hilarious one at that. Who knows, perhaps it may change for the better, but I seem to discourage that optimistic vision for I see far too many dumbbells. Perhaps it’s a Florida thing; so I thought many years ago, but with every day that passes by I seem to find myself receiving private messages, comments, or even face-to-face conversations that make no sense or lead to an argument over the most ridiculous things of all!

Agh!!! How dumb can you honestly be?!

If any thoughts or comments that you may have or wish to question my reason for thinking this or persuade to prove me wrong, I’d welcome them, although I doubt it will do much to change my opinion on the puppets of today.