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Captivating and charming,
you’ve captured hearts and earned the attention.
Drape the veil over the heads of the blind,
no wicked nature here, only a beautiful thief.

Draining the victims of their life and soul,
there’s more for the taking, so continue the reaping.
I know you’ve met death many times before, for he adores you like the rest.
No one suspects what you are,
for you are the beautiful thief.

You’ve drawn them in with a smile made of pearls, blinding and wicked.
The inviting creature that you are
has deceived even the best.
Who would run from you?
The danger is hidden, no one suspects you.

Take the lives of the blind.
The beautiful thief you are would never be sought for. You are the deceiver and friend that takes life.
A beautiful thief that is my secret. No one will care nor suspect at all.


Felt a bit inspired after listening to Beautiful Thieves by AFI. I was also feeling a tad angry so it was fitting to write this. This was meant for someone, but I will not name nor get into detail.