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Not much to say here, just click the link and read. I’m well aware that we have very rude individuals in the world- this never shocks me. Although, what did surprise me, was the unprofessional behavior filmmaker Ivann DeCarlo displayed!

I don’t know anything about show biz, but that’s no way to treat anyone, especially someone whom you’re trying to get as an actor in your film. It only makes you look as someone who is not worth working with and an individual who will only cause trouble on the work field.

What’s more, this filmmaker is denying that he had said all this and that actor  Patrick Hercamp hacked into his account/email and staged this argument to make him look like a fool.. Really? That’s sad to see an adult not take responsibility for their actions; what’s more behaves as a child who’s throwing a tantrum because he’s been denied something he wants. How embarrassing.